Frost re-elected as Euromat President

You have to love the irony in a wider context, but Britain’s place in the corridors of European politics will continue for another two years.


The amusement and gaming industry’s most important international voice, Euromat, voted unanimously to re-elect Jason Frost as its President during its AGM held in Amsterdam some weeks ago. Frost has held the most senior office in the European industry since 2017, and will continue in the post for another two years.

Significant recognition of his domestic association’s standing, the former Bacta President has served the Euromat membership well and he wasted little time in applying the Frost brand of trade body politics into his new term.

Within days of his reelection Frost was on a plane heading to Vienna in order to step up the dialogue between the association and its key voices in the industry. Topping the list was industry luminary Professor Johann Graf, President of Novomatic who hosted Frost for talks on the issues facing the industry going forward.

The meeting, brokered by Euromat First Vice-President Uwe Christiansen, a longtime adviser to Graf, was positioned by Euromat as ‘an opportunity for Frost to set out his vision for Euromat and get some unique insight from one of the industry’s most successful figures’.

And it clearly worked. Commenting on the meeting, Frost said “If Euromat is going to be successful, then it needs to talk on behalf of the industry but also listen to it. Who better to listen to than somebody that has built one of our industry’s most significant global success stories. In Europe, we are really lucky to have some world-beating companies close to home and I believe Euromat should leverage that more effectively.”

Meanwhile back at Euromat HQ, Frost’s presidency will be supported by a new team of officers: Uwe Christiansen serves as First Vice President and Sanne Muijser from the VAN Kanspellen Branchorganisatie as Treasurer.

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