Who We Are


Bacta is the trade body which represents the interests of Britain’s amusements and high street gaming manufacturers and operators.

The industry, whose roots date back to pre-war Britain, is employed in the delivery of what recent research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) referred to as socially responsible, value for money and FUN!

Businesses represented by bacta can be found on every high street in Britain and whose income helps to sustain tourist attractions, particularly at the coast.

Bacta is all about the very serious business of FUN!




Our Values


We will endeavour to conduct ourselves in ways which are ethical, treating our members, colleagues, and external stakeholders with respect


We recognise the commitment we must make to future generations through the sustainable use of resources and will seek to utilise our resources efficiently


We will conduct ourselves in a way which reflects current best practice


We will always be professional in our dealings with all our stakeholders


We believe working together to achieve common objectives will result in optimal outcomes for all

Open and Transparent

We will seek where possible to conduct ourselves in a way which allows stakeholders to understand why we do what do and that they always receive the information to which they are entitled.


What does bacta do?


Bacta is a campaigning organisation which represents the interests of its members at the highest political level and works to create a positive environment for business.

Outside of specific legislative issues, notably the campaign to reduce the stake levels of FOBTs and lobbying for the successful implementation of bacta’s requests to the Review of stakes and prizes, the association has five key strategic objectives.


Fashioning the image of the industry in line with the results of the attitudinal survey undertaken by PwC as one of fun.


Attracting more under 30’s into the industry and into bacta.

Social Responsibility

Driving the cultural change necessary to embed the philosophy at the heart of the industry.


To ensure the industry led by bacta is part of the tourism debate and its interests are at the top of the tourism and coastal community agenda.

Reshaping The Future

Challenge the industry to rethink its future business model in light of the digital age and modern consumer needs and tastes.



Who we represent


With PwC research showing that  72% of adult consumers have played amusements equipment at some stage in their lives and with 14 million current players, in many ways bacta represents the vast majority of the UK population!

In terms of membership, bacta is a broad church, encompassing high-tech and creative manufacturers, machine suppliers for pubs, clubs and bingo halls, as well as operators of Family Entertainment Centres and over 18s Gaming Centres.  Bacta members include the whole of the amusement machine supply chain in the UK, which has a collective turnover of £1.6bn across more than 500 companies, operating in excess of 310,000 machines.

Companies range from SME’s right up to global corporations such as Novomatic and the Gauselmann Group, which employ thousands of people in the UK alone.


All aspects of Fun!


Bacta members’ commitment to FUN! is evident throughout the country in pubs, family entertainment centres, adult gaming centres as well as through the machine supply and operating chains.

Family Entertainment Centres (FEC)

There are 1,000 family entertainment centres (FECs) in the UK.  They range from destination venues such as Brighton Palace Pier (which attracts more visitors than the V&A, The Science Museum and Stonehenge) and the Namco Funscape on London’s South Bank, through to smaller shop sized units.  The amusements sector makes both a direct and indirect contribution to tourism.  Arcades are an important source of employment and research undertaken by bacta demonstrated that the revenue derived from amusements helped sustain many of Britain’s 58 piers.  The economic impact of having a well run and vibrant pier attraction was put into sharp focus by a study conducted by Tir Prince Leisure Group, owners of Llandudno Pier, which calculated the income it generates for the regional economy to be worth £100m a year.

Adult Gaming Centres (AGC)

The contemporary AGC, with its strict adult only admission policy and commitment to social responsibility, is far removed from the clichéd and stereotyped image of high street arcades. Leading brands employ interior architects and the latest trends in retailing to ensure the customer experience compares favourably with the very best on the high street.  AGCs are high quality, modern, well-appointed premises offering an adult only gaming entertainment environment.


Whilst the Category C AWP remains the most profitable four square feet of a pub floor space, the trend is a downward one, accentuated by the proliferation of Licensed Betting Offices and the lure of the FOBT.  According to one industry expert the average weekly income from pub AWPs has decreased by 25 percent since 2007, a figure which is estimated to have cost the pub sector at least £600m over the last decade.  Advances in technology have seen something of a revolution with pubs featuring the very latest in digital gaming equipment and internet empowered jukeboxes.

Bingo Clubs

Whilst machine playing isn’t the primary activity for customers, the income derived from gaming machines is fundamental to the business model and to the profitability of any bingo club. Most of the cost of bingo books goes directly back to the players in prizes , while food and beverage revenues are close to being a loss leader.  For many establishments the absence of gaming machine revenue would signal the end of the club.  Bingo has been cited by Age UK as being amongst a range of activities that are a leading driver of well-being and for playing an important role in dealing with social exclusion of the elderly.

Members Clubs

There are a total of 18,793 machines and jukeboxes sited in Members Clubs.  The income generated helps to sustain their financial viability and to continue to serve their community.

Motorway Service Areas

Motorway Service Areas have 5,540 pieces of equipment comprising both adult only gaming equipment as well as cranes and amusement only sports themed games.

The Supply Chain

Manufacturers, distributors and operators make up the supply chain.  The UK manufacturing base for gaming equipment has been decimated by a downturn in demand for pub equipment.  30-years ago the gaming machine sector was manufacturing 50,000 pub machines a year, now that figure for new machine sales is less than 10,000 with a concomitant loss of jobs through the supply chain, impacting many areas which have above national average rates of unemployment.  Machine operators supply machines on a rental or share basis to retailers including pubs and clubs.  The pressure on rental margins has been described by one operator as being ‘a race to the bottom’ with many businesses facing an increasingly uncertain future.  Suppliers of other types of equipment, from juke boxes to kiddie rides to ticket redemption machines, have also had to work hard in a tough market, adapting to the changing leisure sector and the increasing digitisation of society.


Bacta Head Office




John White CEO BactaJohn White
Chief Executive Officer
Direct Line: 020 78247012
Mobile: 07875 687 370
E-mail: John.white@bacta.org.uk



Robert GibbRobert Gibb
Head of Finance & Operations
Direct Line: 020 78247011
Mobile: 07966 787307
E-mail: Robert.gibb@bacta.org.uk



Sarah RamiahSarah Ramiah
Operations Manager
Direct Line: 020 78247017
Mobile: 07494 129147
E-mail: sarahr@bacta.org.uk



Theresa RisbyTheresa Risby
Membership & Compliance Co-Ordinator
Direct Line: 020 78247019
Mobile: 07494 129144
E-mail: theresa@bacta.org.uk



Linda MorrisonLinda Morrison
Finance Manager
Direct Line: 020 78247013
Mobile: 07904 140732
E-mail: linda@bacta.org.uk



profile imageTim Dellard
Finance Manager
Direct Line: 020 78247014
Mobile: 07904 141303



Simon BradburySimon Bradbury
Membership Support Officer
Midlands, North West, Yorks and Lincs
Mobile: 07773 704 999
E-mail: simon.bradbury@bacta.org.uk



Tony WaldronTony Waldron
Membership Support Officer
South West of England & South Wales
Mobile: 07791 485816
E-mail: Tonyw@bacta.org.uk



David Miller
Membership Support Officer
London, Home Counties, Eastern & Southern
Mobile: 07415 245 970
E-mail: david.miller@bacta.org.uk


Our Officers


Bacta’s management committee report to the National Council, steer the organisation and represent the views of the membership to stakeholders.

They are elected from the membership via the Divisions and Annual Convention.

The Management Committee in 2021 comprises of:


President                                      Greg Wood (Essex Leisure)

Vice-President                          Trevor Sutton (Namco)

Treasurer                                      Chris Haley (Dransfields)


Division 1

Chair: Joseph Cullis (Cullis’s Amusements)

Vice-Chair: Jeremy Godden (Rotunda)


Division 2

Chair: Peter Davies (Inspired)

Vice-Chair: Matt Bicknell (Regal)


Division 3

Chair: Steve Ambrose (Praesepe)

Vice-Chair: Richard Case (Case Concepts)


Division 4

Chair: Tony Boulton (Gauselmann)

Vice-Chair: Jonathan Lauder (UDC)


Social Responsiblity Committee

Chair: Elizabeth Speed (Novomatic UK)

Vice-Chair: Amanda Kiernan (Merkur Casino/Gauselmann Group)


Music Users Group 

Chair: David Gershlick


Technical Standards Working Group

Chair: Alan Claypole (Blueprint)

Vice-Chair: Matt Ingram (Reflex Gaming)