Members invited to historic National Council meeting in Leeds

Bacta members are being invited to attend the special National Council meeting which is taking place at the Marriot Hotel, Boar Lane, Leeds from 1pm on Thursday 18th April.

This will be the first time that National Council has met outside London and Bacta is hoping that as many members as possible will take up the invitation to meet with the National Council alongside Bacta Executive Directors at a Buffet Lunch followed by a Q&A session.

Looking ahead to the meeting Bacta President John Bollom stated: “One of the objectives of the restructure which was completed in September 2023 was to ensure that the leading trade association representing the land-based low-stake gaming and amusement businesses was open, accessible and engaged.

“I think there’s probably still some mystery surrounding how Bacta works and the meeting in Leeds –the first time National Council has convened outside of London – is an important first step and part of a broader initiative to take Bacta meetings to every part of the UK.

“At the lunch we would welcome comments and questions about absolutely any aspect of Bacta’s work whether that be the Gambling White Paper, our push to get a stake and prize review, our campaign to get cashless play, our plans to improve the Bacta Portal, an update on the Bacta Census or the work being undertaken by the Music Users Group. Active participation is such an important part of what was intended by the restructure so I urge members to make every effort to attend what I am sure will be an interesting, enjoyable and worthwhile event. We’ve already had a non-member ask if they can attend and we are happy to open the invitation out to all relevant businesses who are thinking of joining the trade association.”

Bacta members are asked to confirm their attendance at the Marriot Hotel, 4 Trevelyan Square, Boar Lane, Leeds LS1 6ET by Monday 15th April 2024 to