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Continuing the eclectic, genre spanning of Nigel French’s My TouchTunes list, this week Jason Frost, President of EUROMAT, brings his slice of harmonic history to the fore. For Jason, his musical loves aren’t based on which category or era they’re from, whether it’s Broadway musicals, 80s pop or even Drum & Bass, the most important thing is using a good quality stereo system, finding a great song and playing it LOUD!


There’s no doubt that Jason Frost has the amusements industry running through his veins. Following his successful tenure at the helm of UK trade association Bacta, he continues to serve the amusements and low-stake gaming industry as President of EUROMAT. Bringing decades of experience and a passion to help deliver a sustainable future for all sections of the European industry, Jason’s ability to listen to all sides of the debate is reflected in his eclectic selection of tracks which are drawn from every corner of the globe.

First song you remember hearing?

Wow, that would have been a long time ago! With my family working in the same business then as we are now the winter months were the only time we could take holidays. I remember closing the arcades for the season and my parents cramming me in the back seat, well, shelf really, of my Grandfather’s car to the South of France. The song I remember most from those long trips was Charles Aznavour’s The Old Fashioned Way (Les plaisirs démodés) – a favourite of my grandparents in the mid 70s.

Song from your teenage years?

Well I guess the music of our teenage years is really a cultural snap shot in time. For me my early teenage years would probably have to be the early Wham stuff like Young Guns (Go For It) or Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. In my later teens or early twenties it would be The Beloved’s The Sun Is Rising. I always remember this at parties in Goa – those were the days!

First single ever bought?

I’ll never forget my first single, it’s a bit like where you were when JFK got shot and for the younger generation where were you when 9-11 happened. Mine was Nick Kershaw’s The Riddle which I bought aged 14 to go with my first ever stereo system.

First album ever bought?

This was another easy one because it was also the first concert I ever went to, Born in the U.S.A by Bruce Springsteen. The Boss!

Song that makes you want to dance?

That’s an easy one. You Got The Love by The Source featuring Candi Staton.

Song you can no longer stand?

Anything by Bryan Adams.

Song you sing to in the shower?

My wife was a dancer and I spent many an evening during my time of running casinos on board cruise liners watching her on stage dancing to the songs of the Broadway musicals but I think the shower song for me will always be On The Street Where You Live from the Broadway musical, My Fair Lady.

Song that is a guilty pleasure?

Stan by Eminem. I have always liked this song but especially the version with Elton John singing the chorus.

Song you want played at your funeral?

Smile by Nat King Cole. This was a favourite of my Grandads and it always brings a tear to my eye.

Last song you heard before now?

Giant by Calvin Harris and Rag and Bone man. He’s a Cornishman from Oakhampton, I remember him when he was just Rag.

First song you paid for on a jukebox?

It was In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins in the 80s. I know right!?

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