27th May 2020

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Re-Opening.  Following the PMs announcement that arcades in England could reopen from the 15th June,  many members have asked if that applies to FECs as well as AGCs. We have today spoken with DCMS who have confirmed that the intention was that the re-opening date applied to AGCs only as these constituted non-essential retail premises and that FECs would be permitted to re-open at a later date.  DCMS have said that they are working with the Business Department and Communities Department to give effect to that clarification in the guidance and will write to us in the next few days.


Social Distancing.  A number of members have highlighted that different agencies specify different social distances in their guidance.  The UK government says 2 metres.  Today the Prime Minister said in response to a question at his Liaison Committee appearance that he would ask SAGE, the Scientific Advisory Group, to look at whether it should be 1 or 2 metres and further he would publish their advice before the 15th June.


Other News


HMRC have now published guidance for companies wishing to reclaim VAT on claims stood behind the Rank/Done Bros case which HMRC lost.  The link is here:


Please take advice on your options.  If you wish to speak to our advisor then please get in touch with me and I will pass on his details.


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