Daily Coronavirus Webinar: In discussion with George Osborne

20th April 2020


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Please see the link below in order to join today’s CBI webinar:  In discussion with George Osbourne.


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Join Dame Carolyn Fairbairn (Director-General, CBI) and George Osborne (Evening Standard Editor and Former Chancellor of the Exchequer) for an invaluable discussion on:


·     How the treasury works, what levers are at its disposal, and how it should look to address the UK’s response to COVID-19?

·     What the UK’s transition out of the crisis could look like, and what this means for the UK’s macro-economic outlook?

·     What lasting effects this period will have on society, such as the relationship between business and government, and how the government can ensure its recovery plan works for all regions of the UK?


This webinar will be chaired by James Harding (Co-founder and Editor, Tortoise Media).

20 April 2020

10:00 – 10:45 BST




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