Yalp: Industry invited to see for themselves at EAG

From a standing start the team behind Yalp has made huge strides towards delivering the cashless gaming payment app the industry has been waiting for as Greg Wood outlines.


Coinslot: What are the highlights on your stand at January’s EAG?

Greg Wood: Following the mandate we received last summer from all of the bacta divisions and National Council to enter into a joint venture to develop a cashless gaming payment app for the industry, our focus has been on EAG and everything has been geared towards our official launch. An awful lot has been achieved over the last six months or so and we will be using our stand at EAG to demonstrate the first release on a number of gaming machines and to welcome show delegates to visit us and see Yalp in action.

All of the people involved in its development will be on hand in order to answer any technical or operational questions visitors may have. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved, and we look forward to showing what’s been achieved and outlining what’s next in the delivery schedule.

CS: How did trading fair during 2019 and what were your company’s stand-out moments?

GW: 2019 saw GPT’s creation as a joint venture between bacta and Polar Moment, with the purpose of delivering a cashless payment solution that the industry wants and needs. 2019 was focused on setting-up the JV in parallel to product design and then development.

Being able to preview the product with potential customers at ACOS was a key highlight, representing as it did, the culmination of months of work for the team behind the scenes. The response from the market was extremely positive and has generated an incredible level of interest in Yalp.

CS: What will be your key areas of focus over the coming 12 months?

GW: It’s a pivotal and an exciting time for everyone involved in the Yalp project. Our focus continues to be to bring the product successfully to market in the UK by on-boarding our first customers, helping them to successfully deploy Yalp, and ensuring that players accept Yalp for what it is – an easy to use, convenient and secure way to play.

CS: What kinds of regulatory changes are you looking for to help drive your business forward?

GW: Any measures that enhance business conditions and trading for the high street (including pubs) and coastal businesses will be great for the industry and great for Yalp.

CS: What are the key issues the industry needs to address in the coming year?

GW: Speaking as the developers of Yalp, we welcome initiatives that will help to broaden the player base across all retail gaming and amusements sectors whilst enhancing player protection tools and measures, a process which Yalp can also contribute to. One of the ways Yalp will be doing this is by using leading edge technology to support the industry with Age Verification.

Thereafter our focus will be on encouraging take-up amongst players, attracting non and lapsed players and then retaining them.

CS: With the UK’s exit from the EU now determined, how will this affect your business processes and plans going forward?

GW: Our priority for 2020 is the UK market so issues surrounding Britain’s membership of the EU aren’t of relevance. Looking further ahead we have already attracted some serious enquiries from international operators both from within and outside the European Union countries.

The mood music for Yalp is very, very positive on all fronts.


This article was originally published on www.coinslot.co.uk

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