Government are “total hypocrites” for two year FOBT delay

The government have been labeled “total hypocrites” by Mark Miller, operator of Miller Amusements, for the reported 2020 delay of FOBT stake reduction.


Miller compares how quickly the amusements industry was forced to act when Section 16 machines were banned, believing the treatment of both sectors has been completely disproportionate.

“They gave us 3 months to ban Section 16, which was a far less aggressive and intrusive machine,” he said. “Whereas people are getting in big trouble from FOBTs, and the government’s moral stance is to wait two years to reduce the stake because the Treasury can’t find the money from elsewhere.”

As usual, Miller pulled no punches in his criticism of the government – who, he says, have really taken more of a ‘money stance’, than a moral one. “These are the people guiding our lives and livelihood, and they are sitting in their ivory towers and being total hypocrites,” Miller concluded.



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