Bacta sends message of support for “strong summer of trading”

Bacta has marked ‘freedom day’ with a message to all members backing their efforts for a business boost now restrictions are lifted. Here, Bacta national president Greg Wood and Joseph Cullis, division one and Scottish region chair, offer their thoughts.


“With the worst now behind us, we can and must only look forward. Although we are still a long way from recovered. With the full reopening now upon us I am sure I speak for us all when I say we are hopeful that trade will continue to build and we are all able to work on rebuilding our business,” says bacta President Greg Wood, bacta President.

“We have been seeing some very encouraging sings from across the sectors and I am sure that we will see this build with the full reopening. The extended delay in full reopening has I think had a bigger impact on the single site market, although we have been very encouraged with the general reopening and there is a very buoyant attuite in our section of the market,” he adds. “I wish all members the best through the summer season and hope that through a good summer we can see some good progress to the recovery of all our business.”

Joseph Cullis, Chair of Division One and Scottish Regional Chairman comments, “As ‘Freedom day’ has arrived the UK opens up again, I want to wish all operators a successful and prosperous summer season. Following the most difficult time in recent history that our industry has faced, we look forward to fewer restrictions and buoyant trading.

“For my own business, I am hopeful that this summer will be like no other. We have already seen high footfall and I believe this summer may be our chance to regain what was lost throughout lockdown. There is no doubt that our industry still faces challenges – staff shortages due to Brexit, rising costs due to shipping issues and a need for long term cashless payment solutions. I am confident, however, that we will meet them head on as we have done over the last 18 months. Once again, I wish you all the very best as we head into the busy summer season.”



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