Election website launched for members to invite MP candidates

Bacta has launched www.bactaelection.co.uk a new website designed to make it straightforward for members to invite parliamentary candidates to their venues ahead of the 4 July General Election.

If an operator secures a visit from a candidate, Bacta will be on hand to provide any information and talking points if needed.

“We are all proud of our sector,” said George McGregor, Bacta executive director. “We have great venues. We want to showcase what we do giving candidates a chance to meet staff and customers and to understand our businesses and we’ve made this easy for you to do.”

The election website allows operators to invite candidates to their venue just by putting in their post code, name and address. A standard letter has been prepared for candidates, but operators are encouraged to personalise it. The website was launched as Bacta announced its new manifesto, which asks four things of parliamentary candidates:

•  Finish the job of implementing the gambling reforms;

•  Introduce the first stake and prize review for over a decade;

•  Support seaside towns by promoting UK domestic tourism;

• Back high street businesses by abolishing business rates to level the playing field with online.

“The more we can do now to reach out to candidates, the better our chances of getting the gambling reforms passed into law by a new Government,” continued McGregor.

“All is not lost with the calling of the election, but it makes things much more complicated and that is why we need your help.”