Joseph Cullis thanks Bacta members for supporting Census but stresses the importance of maximising responses

Bacta Vice-President Joseph Cullis has thanked member organisations for the strong early level of replies to the first Bacta Census and underlined the importance of achieving a 100 percent response rate.

Speaking with Coinslot a week after the ground-breaking Census was launched by the trade association Joseph Cullis said: “We’ve had a positive early response with 25 percent of Bacta member organisations completing the electronic version of the survey within days of its launch.

“We are extremely grateful for this but if the initiative is to meet our objectives of completing a detailed picture of the industry and the businesses that we serve we need to maximise the number of responses.”

He added: “Bacta is regarded as being the ‘go to’ source of industry information and the Census findings will consolidate that hard-earned reputation.

“Quite simply the more information that we receive the more authentic and powerful our voice as we lobby for positive, progressive regulations which will help our members to prosper and continue to contribute to the communities they serve.”

The information received from the Census, an initiative which is central to Bacta’s modernisation programme, will form the basis of the Bacta Fact File, a comprehensive data bank of industry information  which will be maintained and updated.

Member organisations have until 22nd March to return their completed forms. Bacta has established a contact point for members who have any questions or queries concerning the Census. Questions should be directed to: