Bacta highlight dangers of ‘sample bias’ in new Gambling Survey

Bacta has moved swiftly to register its concerns regarding the methodology which will be used to undertake the Gambling Survey for Great Britain (GSGB) which is being commissioned by the Gambling Commission and which will inform regulatory policy moving forward.

In a communication sent to Gambling Commission Chief Executive and Commissioner Andrew Rhodes, Bacta President John Bollom has underlined the association’s misgivings regarding the decision to switch from what he described as the ‘gold standard’ NHS Health Survey to an experimental ‘push to web’ survey and the consequent issue of sample bias.

John Bollom explained: “Our concern and that of Bacta members relates to the integrity of the GSGB data which is particularly significant bearing in mind its central role in shaping the narrative surrounding gambling habits and the impact it will have informing regulatory policy.”

He added: “We must all have confidence in the methodology and the data arising from such an important survey. I am pleased that Bacta will be meeting with Andrew Rhodes to explain our concerns in greater detail ahead of the survey’s publication.”