Bacta Special Regional meeting wins high praise

Bacta National Council member Jeremy Godden recently hosted a special meeting of members drawn from London and the South East a gathering which succeeded in presenting important business insight within a social environment. 

Bacta members and their guests from London and the South East attended a special regional meeting and lunch held at The Clifton Hotel, Folkestone on 7th November. 

Hosted by Jeremy Godden who was recently elected to the new bacta National Council, the meeting included guest speaker Bob Brown, Licensing Officer at Hastings Borough Council who provided a presentation on the importance of Age Verification Training and Testing. 

The agenda also included a Q&A on the bacta restructure as well as updates on the importance of customer Interaction, from Bacta MSO David Miller and guidance on how to engage with abusive and potentially violent customers from MSO Simon Bradbury. 

Bacta National President John Bollom who attended the meeting stated: “When we undertook the bacta restructure programme the overarching objective was to create an engaged membership and a streamlined structure. I believe we have achieved that through the formation of the Amusement Council and the Gaming Council both of which feed into the new National Council. 

“Although the bacta regions are no longer a formal part of the organisational structure, from what I experienced in Folkestone it’s clear that members value the opportunity to meet with their colleagues and regional neighbours in a relaxed and convivial environment. 

’I think the challenge is how to deliver interesting and relevant information within a social context. No region is going to be the same but you cannot go far wrong by asking bacta members what they want including format, content and frequency. Congratulations should go to Jeremy David, Simon and everyone involved in organising a really successful event.”