Bacta Convention will address the key challenges of the day – states John Bollom

‘The most important period for the industry since the introduction of the 2005 Gaming Act’ is how Bacta National President John Bollom described the backdrop to the 2023 Bacta Convention which is taking place Wednesday 22nd November at County Hall on London’s South Bank.

Providing an insight to what he believes will be the key topics of the day, John Bollom noted: “The Convention will cover what are the most important changes facing our members including issues that will have a  long-term impact on their businesses.” 

“The Gambling  Review and subsequent consultations cover key issuesin particular cashless payments, changes to the 80:20 rule and restrictions on Cat D cash pay-out fruit machines.

“On top of that we have the Statutory Levy proposals, the introduction of an industry Ombudsman, a review of technical standards and our own request for an increase in stakes and prizes. 

“Outside of the White Paper we have the introduction of a B2B tariff with PRS/PPL and the impact of illegally operated streaming services on our music operator members. We have a long list of topics and challenges all of which will be explored at Convention including by bacta’s stellar list of guest speakers.”

The first Convention to take place following the restructure of the trade association, John Bollom will use his Convention address to update members on the progress that’s been made. He confirmed: “I am pleased with changes to our Governance which I believe puts us in a much better position to respond to these important issues as they arise and to drive the industry forward with policies that benefit all.

“I believe that members, large and small, appreciate that we now have a much leaner and fitter structure that can react swiftly to the challenges going forward as well as the opportunities.”

“These discussions and reports to Convention are of great importance to every bacta member and the input and opinions of the membership are vital in helping to shape a future looking organisation. I hope members will be able to find the time to be a part of this really important annual event.”