Political journalist to explore the changing landscape ahead of General Election

‘The state we are in and the State we will become – from now to the election’ is the title of the address being made at the Bacta Convention by David Maddox, Express Political Editor.

Maddox who has worked as a lobby correspondent since 2010 has reported widely on the workings of the British Parliament as well as the policies of both the Conservative and the Labour Party.

Confirming the attendance of the latest high profile expert to appear at the annual convention bacta CEO John White said: “In a highly regulated sector such as ours everything needs to be analysed through a Political lens. The next General Election has to take place no later than 28thJanuary 2025 and there is every chance that by the time bacta members meet at the 2024 Convention the country will have a new Government. David who has served as the Political Editor for the Sunday Express will bring his razor sharp and informed analysis to potential General Election outcomes including what we could expect from a Sir Keir Starmer led Labour Government and should that happen how the Conservative Party will reinvent itself in opposition. 

“I know that many bacta members will be looking forward to David’s take on the General Election outcome as they plan strategies and debate investment programmes whether they are operators or members of the industry supply chain. As a lobby correspondent who will have been privy to the Westminster Rumour Mill I will be encouraging him to be as indiscreet as he can!”