Gambling Commission will have strong presence as Andrew Rhodes delivers Convention keynote

Bacta members will have a valuable opportunity to engage with the UK Gambling Commission when leading members of the Commission team attend the 2023 Bacta Convention. Gambling Commission Chief Executive Andrew Rhodes is one of the Convention’s leading line-up of speakers and he will be using the platform to deliver a keynote speech outlining the progress of the government’s White Paper on Gambling Reform. Mr Rhodes who will also be answering questions from the floor will be accompanied by Private Secretary, Billy Roden and the Gambling Commission’s Regulatory Delivery Manager, Compliance, Darren Shenton.

Bacta Chief Executive John White said: “It’s really valuable that we are able to engage in a constructive way with our regulator and I’m delighted that Andrew Rhodes will be delivering our keynote. I think the relationship with the Gambling Commission has improved significantly over the last 12-months and much of that is due to the work undertaken by Andrew and his team.”