Bacta invites the membership to meet their National Council!

Bacta has issued an invitation for members to meet the new National Council and learn about the latest developments impacting the White Paper consultations including the 50/50 Rule, cashless and the new statutory Levy. The bacta webinar is being held at 2pm on November 9th.

Bacta’s new look 11-person National Council comprises Peter Davies (Inspired Leisure Division), Tony Boulton (MERKUR UK), Elizabeth Speed (Novomatic UK), Dean Harding (Harry Levy Amusements), Jonathan Lauder (UDC) and Jeremy Godden (Godden Gaming Organisation). The six who were elected from the Amusement and Gaming Councils have joined bacta National President John Bollom, Vice-President Joseph Cullis and former National Presidents Nick Harding, Greg Wood, and James Miller.

Bacta chief executive John White said: “One of the key objectives of the restructure was to make the strategic shift of transforming National Council into a body that’s more akin to a company’s Board of Directors with Council members bringing their individual specialisms and expertise to assist bacta address the issues and opportunities facing the organisation and its members. 

“The webinar is a great opportunity to pick the brains of the National Council and receive the very latest industry updates.”
Click here to join the meeting