Harkers Amusements and Bingo take centre stage in MP’s winning Seaside Selfie

Dr James Davies, the Conservative MP representing the Vale of Clwyd was the winner of the Parliamentary Seaside Selfie, social media promotion organised by bacta in support of the coastal amusements sector.
Dr Davies, whose family goes back many generations in Rhyl and Denbigh and who served as a county councillor for 11-years prior to his election to Westminster in 2015 used his deep rooted local knowledge to take his selfie on Rhyl seafront outside Harkers Amusements and Bingo.
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the UK Government Wales Office, who has worked as a doctor within the NHS since 2004 encapsulated the year round appeal of the amusements sector tweeting: ‘It may be November but there’s always time to visit Rhyl seafront for a #SeasideSelfie with the Harkers!’ His winning selfie earned an all expenses family day out at Thorpe Park courtesy of bacta which he donated to a constituent.
Commenting on the promotion, bacta CEO John White said: “First of all huge congratulations to Dr Davies for his winning selfie and tweet which captured the attraction of the seaside amusements sector and the role that it plays in providing value for money, safe, family entertainment to the British population.
“We know from independent research commissioned by bacta that a third of the population has visited a seaside amusements attraction at some time in the previous 12-months which explains why so many of us have such wonderful memories either as a child or a parent of days spent at the seaside. The seaside holiday is part of British culture and the amusements sector provides a central touchpoint of the experience as well as generating employment opportunities and contributing to local economies.
“I spent two days on the south coast last week and whilst the season has been literally dampened by bad weather, Brighton seafront was absolutely packed with families enjoying the experience of being at the coast and all that entails. Without the amusements sector and without a fully-functioning Pier there’s no doubt that Brighton and its economy would be significantly diminished.”
He added: “By running the bacta Parliamentary Seaside Selfie we want MPs in coastal constituencies to champion the family amusements sector and for those who are inland to recognise the appeal of the Great British Seaside Holiday.”