Novomatic UK and MERKUR UK to host Gambling Minister at London venues

Bacta will be demonstrating the industry in action when it welcomes the Gambling Minister, The Rt Hon Stuart Andrew MP, to two leading London high street gambling entertainment venues in July.
The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport, Gambling and Civil Society, has accepted an invitation to meet staff and customers at the Admiral AGC and MERKUR Slots High Street Bingo venues in Hammersmith, west London on 18 July.
The Minister will be hosted by a senior delegation comprising Elizabeth Speed, General Counsel Novomatic UK, Tony Boulton, MERKUR UK’s Director of Public and Political Relations and bacta Vice-President John Bollom.
Confirming Stuart Andrew’s acceptance, bacta chief executive John White underlined the importance of being able to host the Minister at such an important time for the industry. He said: “I believe that the majority of politicians have a broad understanding of venues such as seaside arcades and family entertainment centres but perhaps don’t have the same insight to those businesses which provide value for money, socially responsible gambling entertainment to players on high streets the length and breadth of the country.
“Both Novomatic UK and MERKUR UK have introduced the high street gaming experience to numerous MPs in their constituencies and I am delighted that Stuart Andrew and his team will have the opportunity to see the latest B3 and Category C machines, discuss the safer gambling protocols and staff training initiatives that have helped reduce problem gambling rates to their current record low levels and meet with venue staff and players alike.
“Businesses such as these are major contributors to the high street economy, they employ local people, entertain local people and are rooted in the communities they serve. It is therefore of utmost importance that the proposals contained in the White Paper on Gambling Reform enable land-based operators to have a sustainable future in what is a competitive and dynamic digital age.”
He added: “I would describe this as being a text book example of bacta working in partnership with its members for the common good and I would like to extend my sincere thanks to both Novomatic UK and MERKUR UK for their support.”