Member Update

14th February – Member Update


Dear Member


  • With all the troubling global news at the moment it is nice to be able to focus on one of the industry’s most enjoyable events, the bacta Golf Day at Moor Park in Hertfordshire. This year’s event will be the 20th and once again is organised by the inimitable Steve Hawkins. The event is on 24th May 2022. If you want to enter please contact Steve direct at
  • Talking of events, it is only two weeks until EAG. I am getting a strong sense that everyone is really excited about attending with pre-registrations up and a number of new exhibitors coming on board. If you haven’t got yourself registered yet please click here:
  • I am sure most people are now up to speed on Covid restrictions in various parts of the UK and will be aware that wherever you are located they are now gradually being eased. It certainly feels like life is returning to normal. Scotland Regional Chairman, Joseph Cullis and I, last week met again with Scottish Government to provide them with a brief on the industry and to get up to speed on their thinking. The good news is that the prospect of a vaccine passport for venues such as ours seems to have faded – we had lobbied quite hard on this
  • Bacta’s Division meetings will be held (virtually) next week so if there is anything you think should be discussed please get in touch with your Division representatives. One thing that will certainly be on the agenda is the current economic climate. With lead times for products stretching into the distance and inflation racing ahead it will be good to get a sense from the industry of what would help. I can then feed that in both directly to government and via the CBI.

As always please do let me know your thoughts on any of the above.

Kind regards