Limit-setting on Category B3 machines

10th January 2022 


Dear Member


As you will know, bacta has been working with machine manufacturers and other trade bodies such as the Bingo Association, to finalise a standard for the setting of time and money limits by customers of Category B3 machines.

There was agreement pre-pandemic to role this out by June 2020. Obviously Covid 19 put paid to that deadline and we have therefore agreed that the new limit-setting functionality will be in place across all B3 machines that are technically and reasonably able to host the necessary software, by June 30th 2022.

In essence customers will be able to set voluntary time and/or money limits at the start of their session. Once those limits have been reached a pop up message will appear reminding the customer their limit has been reached and inviting them to set a new one. In the absence of a voluntary limit a similar pop up message will appear after £150 spend or 20 minutes of play.

Details of how the process will work is contained in the document available to below:-

Bacta Set Limits v 5.0

Please do get in touch if you have any questions. I will survey members after June 30th to see how this new initiative, which is supported by the Gambling Commission, has bedded down.

Whether or not limit-setting is extended to Category C machines is still a matter of debate and we will consult with members in due course and after we have seen how it has worked on B3s.

Kind regards


John White
Chief Executive