Bacta reflects on successful SR Exchange and opening the door to a new portal

Bacta’s third SR Exchange proved “a huge success” on 10 November, with the online event attracting more than 100 members to witness the launch of the BactaPortal.

Bacta has described its third SR Exchange as “a huge success,” with more than 100 members attending the full-day virtual event on 10 November.

The seminar included talks from the Gambling Commission’s Tim Miller, Novomatic general counsel and SR chair Elizabeth Speed, and Merkur customer experience manager Lola Wood.

“Tim Miller was full of praise for Bacta’s work on social responsibility, praising the organisation for holding the Exchange and picking up the baton on safer product design,” reported Bacta. “He also highlighted the importance of remaining focused on age verification and on interacting with customers.”

“Lola Wood’s presentation revealed fascinating insights into what our customers think of our SR initiatives – and the good news is they are welcomed, demonstrating that customer care including SR translates into good business.”

During the event, Chris Wrigley from ISD demonstrated the Bacta- Portal, a tool which allows members to follow LCCP guidelines in logging player interactions and self-exclusion, while providing training functionality and other vital resources, as well as acting as a platform for the newly digitised Bacta Handbook.

“We are thrilled that the SR Exchange was so well attended and that members were so engaged,” said membership, SR and compliance manager Russell Edge. “We are also really pleased to have added extra functionality to the BactaPortal so soon after launch.”

“Having the Handbook available on there will be a great asset to members. Many thanks to the Bacta MSOs Brad and David for helping to make the Exchange event such a success.”

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