Bacta welcomes Commission’s figures on problem gambling

27th October – PRESS RELEASE


The Gambling Commission has published its quarterly statistics on participation and problem gambling for the year to September 2021, showing that problem gambling has decreased significantly.


The figures show that the overall problem gambling rate has dropped to 0.3%, compared to 0.6% in the year to September 2020. The moderate risk rate has also decreased significantly to 0.7% (year to September 2021) compared to 1.2% in year to September 2020.

“Bacta welcomes these figures which show that the steps that the industry is taking is having an impact on the numbers,” says John White, bacta CEO. “We continue to put SR front and centre and to develop a number of new initiatives and have appointed a new SR Manager – Russell Edge who is dedicated to maximising the impact of these measures for players. In addition, we look forward to our upcoming SR Exchange event, which takes place on November 10, 2021.”


Image: Russell Edge


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