Covid-19 Update

16th July 2021 


Dear Member



‘Freedom Days’ – As the Countries of the UK prepare for the removal of nearly all Covid-19 related restrictions from Monday (England) and over the following weeks in Scotland and Wales I thought I would point you to a useful resource that will help you navigate the range of rules/guidance that now exists.


It is a legal requirement that you conduct a health and safety risk assessment and Covid 19 risks should be a part of that as previously advised in these Updates.  You can continue to use the templates bacta provided during the pandemic to identify risk and record mitigations (although the general document will no longer be relevant).  However, HSE has provided a very simple template that you might prefer to utilise.  It is available here. The guidance around it is very good.


The web page also provides guidance on the differences in approach in England, Scotland and Wales.  For our sector the key difference is over the wearing of face masks.  This will still be required in Scotland and Wales but is advisory in England.  See previous Updates for more information and links.


High Streets – You may have seen the Government announced (again) a plan to support the evolution and regeneration of the High Street.  The Build Back Better High Streets Strategy is to be honest very short on detail but the attention is to be welcomed as we continue our work to promote a better understanding of High Street AGCs through MP engagement.  We will engage with Government more generally on what we would like to see this Strategy deliver.


Kind regards



John White

Chief Executive