5th May 2021


Dear Member


As May 17th draws nearer and you begin getting your staff ready for re-opening, we will all need to be ready to handle any self-exclusions.


As you may be aware we have spent the last twelve months upgrading our self-exclusion system.  It will be much more stable, user friendly and will have increased functionality and reporting functions.  The beta version is currently with our User Group and will be released in its demo form to all members shortly. 


The service will be delivered through the new bactaPortal which you may have seen advertised in CoinSlot or attended the demonstrations at the Regional meetings or at EAG online.  There is little change to the self-exclusion process, but access to it will be through a dashboard that provides access to a range of other bacta member services both new and old such as our crime alert and toolkits


One very important new feature will be the ability to conduct and record customer interactions of which self-exclusion is one of several actions you can take following a conversation with a customer.  You will know that the LCCP now requires you keep a record of interactions and the CI function will give you an easy way to comply.


Bacta is here to help you embed the new Portal in your business. We have shown a training video at the Regional Meetings.  We will also be holding dedicated webinars over the coming weeks and months.  An interactive training manual is being produced.


We are very excited about launching this new service but we do need your help.  Can you please make sure that all your records on the self-exclusion system are up to date.  As we have started to prepare the data for transfer to the new system, there are a number of emails and addresses that are no longer valid.  All we need you to do is log-in to the site as administrator and check all the people, sites and contact details are what you want them to be.  We need this information to ensure any communications about self-exclusion get to the right person in the right place. 


If you are not currently using bacta’s self-exclusion service then this obviously doesn’t apply, but please do contact us to see how the bactaPortal with its LCCP compliant self-exclusion and customer interaction modules, can help you.


If you have any questions please contact one of the bacta Membership Support Officers for help.  Their numbers are listed below.


Bacta Membership Support Officer contact numbers

Simon Bradbury – North-West and North Wales – 07773 704999
Murray MacDougal  – Scotland and North England – 07989 582070
Tony Waldron – West of England and South Wales – 07791 485816
David Miller – London, South and East – 07415 245970


Kind regards