Bacta supports EAG Show with significant investment

28th April 2021 – Press Release


Bacta’s governing body – the National Council – today unanimously agreed to make a significant investment into the upcoming EAG Expo 2022 to counteract some of the lasting economic effects of the pandemic.


“EAG is vital to the amusement and gaming industry and our members,” stated bacta President, Greg Wood.  “However, like many other businesses, it has been impacted by the pandemic and the loss of revenue that was caused by cancelling the 2021 show. We want to ensure that EAG returns in 2022 stronger than ever. By investing into the event, we can offer incentives to bacta members on their stand space, as well as ensuring that the marketing and presentation of the show remains world-leading, now and into the future.”

“Despite the success of the recent EAG Online, there’s no doubt that we all felt the lack of a physical EAG event this year,” he added. “We want to ensure that we invest in our show so that it can remain a jewel in the crown of the industry calendar. All bacta divisions, representing seaside amusements, high street gaming centres, suppliers to pub and clubs, as well as manufacturers and distributors, agreed unanimously that we need to support EAG, which is a significant bacta asset.”

Martin Burlin, Chairman of EAG concludes, “Organising a show on the scale of EAG at a venue like ExCel London requires significant resources both on our part and for our exhibitors. Without additional investment this year, we know it would have been a struggle to maintain the high standards that our visitors have come to expect from us. We are grateful that National Council have recognised the situation now, as we prepare for next year’s show, so we can proceed with more confidence after such a difficult time. See you in London at EAG 2022 from January 11-13.”


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About Bacta

Bacta represents the owners and operators of over-18 amusement centres (AGCs), seaside amusement arcades, and the companies that hire machines to pubs, clubs, bowling alleys, bingo halls and similar venues. It also represents the manufacturers and distributors of all types of gaming machines and amusement equipment ranging from children’s rides, to jukeboxes, fruit machines in pubs and clubs, redemption machines, crane grabbers, penny falls, tuppeny nudgers, test your strength machines, videos, and pool tables.


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