Covid-19 Update

20th November 2020


Dear Member


Whilst the news about the Covid-19 vaccines this week provided a bit of good news for a change we still have many months of the crisis to go before we can say we are back to something we recognise as normal.  Bacta will continue its lobbying efforts to secure the best outcomes we can for members.  Please keep writing to your elected representatives.  It may seem like you are shouting into the wind but the number of letters collectively demonstrate that there are issues which need to be addressed by Governments.


VAT – Government is introducing a new VAT deferral scheme.  You can register for it by clicking here:

 – I am pleased to be able to report that HMRC are now making payments for the pre-2005 claims.  A number of members have confirmed that the money has arrived, which is very welcome.  The post 2005 Rank case was heard this week.  We expect a decision sometime around the Spring.  It is hard to see how HMRC could win this but you can never be sure. 


FECs – Members may be interested in attending a Euromat Zoom conference on 30th November about the FEC market in Europe and recent regulatory restrictions applied in various countries.  Email euromat at  for more details and a link.


Scotland – The Scottish Tourism Emergency Response Group (STERG) has as you know produced an influential Report (into which bacta had input) that is now being discussed with the Scottish Government.  The Group has asked if bacta members amongst others could take 10 minutes to complete a short survey to help in compiling a picture of the current state of play for the sector.  Please click here to take part


Kind regards,