Giles Watling MP Chooses Jaywick Sands Revival CIC for £1k Donation

Giles Watling, MP for Clacton, has nominated Jaywick Sands Revival CIC community hub, to receive £1,000 donated by the trade body bacta, which represents seaside arcades, piers and related attractions.


He says, “For many in Jaywick, the uncertainty and distress brought on by the pandemic has forced us to shelter and look to our own families and homes. But the Jaywick Sands Revival CIC is still working hard to support, develop and regenerate the community when it’s more important than ever to come together rather than fall apart.

“Bacta’s generous contribution to the CIC will go a long way in supporting their coronavirus relief efforts – ensuring that those already struggling are able to continue to look to their local community for assistance – and will sustain the CIC’s efforts to support and develop the Village community into the future. My thanks go to bacta and its membership for stepping up to do their part.”


Jayne Nash, vice Chairwoman of Jaywick Sands Revival CIC (JSR CIC) says, “We would like to thank bacta members for their kind donation and Giles Watling MP for nominating us. You have no idea how much it will help JSR CIC and our community. We are so busy and running out of funds quickly.”


Bacta launched its Siding With the Seaside (#sidingwiththeseaside) campaign last year in order to support the seaside communities served by their members and to highlight the lack of government investment that threatens the precious heritage in many seaside towns.


Bacta CEO John White says, “The situation was already serious for many seaside towns whose communities have suffered through lack of employment and local investment. However, when we went into lockdown just before the Easter holidays, the position became far more serious as local businesses were forced to shut and the seasonal trade, which is so vital, was lost. Our members made a total of £23,000 available to give to seaside charities via the MPs who we have got to know through our seaside campaigning work and who are best placed to know who would benefit most.”





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Bacta represents the owners and operators of seaside amusement arcades, over-18 amusement centres, and the companies that hire machines to pubs, clubs, bowling alleys, bingo halls and similar venues.  It also represents the manufacturers and distributors of all types of amusement equipment.  This can range from children’s rides, to jukeboxes, fruit machines in pubs and clubs, crane grabbers, penny falls, tuppeny nudgers, test your strength machines, videos, pool tables and gaming machines

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