Bacta ramps up SR efforts with ‘player diaries’ launch

Bacta have unveiled its latest social responsibility initiative in time for the new year – a Player’s Diary.


This January will see the launch of Bacta’s ‘Player Diaries’, a voluntary, free-to-use tool for AGCs designed to give players a helping hand in keeping track of their gambling habits. The Player Diaries tool has been extensively trialled in arcades in the run-up to the launch and is just one of several social responsibility measures that Bacta has been working on in preparation for the New Year.

Over the past twelve months, the trade association has also held a series of Social Responsibility Exchange events to share ideas and best practice across the industry, including an event the day before its Convention in London this November.

“Our evaluation has demonstrated that while this is not for everyone, some players have said they found value in the diary. It also provides another optional tool for our members’ staff to discuss with customers, if they do have an interaction with them based upon their play,” says Simon Bradbury, Head of Social Responsibility and Compliance at Bacta.

Player diaries also include essential safer gambling information with details on limited exposure, self-exclusion and signposting. The low-cost paper option complements the use of other gambling management apps such as Gamblewise/Playright and assists bacta with its engagement around the National Responsible Gambling Strategy; in particular providing evidence of impact for activity and priority actions including evaluation.

A pilot took place over a 3-month period June-August 2019. A number of arcade operators were provided with over 500 diaries for their venues and also a Player Diary Questionnaire. The majority reported an increase in the number and quality of interactions with customers, while others reported some reluctance among players to log their play/spend.

Meanwhile, Bacta is also gearing up for the launch of its new online portal, which will not only bolster its communication with members but also pave the way for a simpler and more effective self-exclusion journey for both members and customers.

“What we have witnessed over the past six years is a definitive shift in the culture of the industry from an explicit consideration of what Social Responsibility measures we need to adopt to an implicit one where this goes without saying,” commented Bacta CEO John White. “The discussions at our two successful Social Responsibility Exchanges last year and this were profound examples of that shift.”

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