Bacta highlight safety commitment with ADIPS

Bacta has launched an educational campaign to promote awareness of the key safety issues and responsibilities in relation to coin-operated children’s rides. The meeting, held in Peterborough, was attended by the industry’s leading importers, distributors, manufacturers and operators representing the bulk of UK sited coin- operated children’s rides.


Bacta CEO John White believes the meeting was successful in bringing the key players together and sharing thinking on how to maintain the industry’s strong safety record and reputation. He stated: “First of all I would like to place on record my thanks to everybody who attended the meeting in Peterborough which I regard as being the launch of a ‘Manifesto For Action’ with regard to safety. While the industry’s record is very good there can be no sense of complacency or compromise in our commitment to this fundamental issue.

“Providing customers – both parents/guardians and children – with a safe and secure leisure experience is an ongoing commitment. The Bacta administered Amusement Devices Inspection Procedure Scheme (ADIPS) for children’s rides, standard-rent litigious climate in which we operate.

“By maintaining standards and ensuring an uncompromising commitment to safety we can promote with confidence this iconic part of the coin-operated leisure experience and in the process protect and grow income for Bacta member companies.”


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