Tourism and Coastal Policy


Bacta supports public policy initiatives that stimulate investment in the UK’s coastal infrastructure. The UK’s resort towns and cities are often the most deprived parts of the country. Economic activity based around the tourism industry can provide welcome and helpful generation and regeneration.

Bacta therefore supports the cut in the VAT rate to 5% for tourism as is the case in most other European countries, with whom we compete for visitors. We also welcome the introduction of the Coastal Community Fund but feel more money needs to be made available.

The UK’s Piers and amusement arcades are amongst the most important economic activities in many towns and require government support to allow them to continue to support their communities with employment and infrastructure investment.

In 2019, Bacta commissioned a valuable Cebr report, showing that in 2018 seaside arcades and related activities contributed a massive turnover of £845m to the UK economy, a Gross Value Added of £451m and were responsible for employing 19,235 people with a cost of employment valuing £292m. However, since the pandemic forced businesses to close just before East 2020, coastal arcades, piers and dependent businesses are struggling through loss of income.

Bacta launched its #SaveOurSeaside campaign in 2020, when it also donated £23,000 to charities in coastal communities that were crippled by lockdown. We will also participate in the 2021 English Year of the Coast.


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