Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs)


FOBTs, or more accurately Category B2 gaming machines, are principally found in Licensed Betting Offices.  They permit players to bet up to £100 a go and as such are unlike any other gaming machine permitted in the UK. The maximum stake on a casino game is £5, a Category B3 machine £2 and a fruit machine in a pub £1.

They have proved controversial since their introduction.  They have been associated with a high degree of problem gambling and machine related violence as well as extraordinarily large losses for a significant numbers of players.

Bacta members have also suffered from the negative reputational impact these machines have caused to all machine products.  Nearly half of all Adult Gaming Centres (AGCs) have disappeared from the UK’s High Streets over the past decade.

Bacta has consistently called for there to be equal treatment for High Street gaming.  It wants to see the maximum stake permitted on FOBTs to be substantially reduced.


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