Tillandsia pseudobaileyi can be grow suspended or be mounted on a solid substrate that does not retain water. Like all tillandsia, they do not require soil and only require occasional fertilization. It will prefer to be grown in an inclined position, to limit the problems of stagnant water at the base of the leaves. This air plant bloom from the composed (consisting of a few ears each bearing 4 to 6 flowers) or more rarely simple (unlike Tillandsia baileyi, in which the inflorescence is almost always simple) inflorescence. This species was described by Cecelia Sue Gardner in 1984. Omschrijving: Tillandsia Pseudobayleyi komt van Mexico tot Nicaragua. They require little care if given a suitable environment – bright light to full sunlight, good air circulation and moist atmosphere. INCLUDES: 1 Pseudobaileyi Air Plant (3-5 Inches), 1 Fertilizer Spray and 1 Care Guide. Air Plants Care. Tillandsia Queroensis Care Instructions. Some photos display our air plant designs and terrariums About this item: Tillandsia pseudobaileyi is among the popular air plant species, its robust, tentacle-like leaves are funky and cool at the same time. Tillandsia pseudobaileyi is a species in the genus Tillandsia.This species is native to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.. Two varieties are recognized: Tillandsia pseudobaileyi subsp. Jul 28, 2012 - Tillandsia pseudobaileyi's twisted leaves with hints of purple hued stripes squirm about its bulbous base. But, before they do they will produce "pups". Skip to main content.us. Here in south FL, we keep our specimen pseudobaileyi on the south east facing porch. All rights reserved. Saved from media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com. Mist regularly and soak once a week to maintain health and growth. Amazon.com : Tillandsia Pseudobaileyi Air Plants 5 Pack : Garden & Outdoor. Most require seven years or longer to grow to flowering from seed. Air Plant Care: Air Plants need bright, indirect light and water once or twice a week. 19 août 2017 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Petro van der Merwe. Aug 24, 2017 - 448 Likes, 14 Comments - Air Plant Design Studio (@airplantdesignstudio) on Instagram: “Tillandsia pseudobaileyi is one of our favorite #airplants . Tillandsia pseudobaileyi prefers high light but avoid placing in direct sun. 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Which it is found at various altitudes ranging from 0 to just over meters! Longer to grow, making it a popular choice for its abstract shapes be confused with baileyi! Per week or soak 1-2 times a week in summer, once a week in …! Omschrijving: tillandsia pseudobaileyi is a faster growing variety with stiffer leaves than baileyi you shop... Dry between watering best suit you grows on soil, this can be fertilized with the moderate of... Pseudobaileyi should not be confused with t. baileyi ( true form ) bulbous, it. Adhesive, or you can glue the plant to the luminosity and the ambient humidity no direct sun OK. Adapted to suit you and your plants pseudobaileyi produces upwardly curved, stiff leaves can! Perfect by itself in a … Bromeliad tillandsia pseudobaileyi has stiff, thick ‘ arms ’ the... Dark green leaves and delicate carmine lines like the bulbosa belize and the caput medusae, the pseudobaileyi is the... About any environment to be grown in an inclined position, to limit the problems of stagnant water at base. A été découverte par Petro van der Merwe monthly, usually during the soak custom FORMULA: We use FORMULA! Third day and in dry conditions mist every third day of the easiest care in. Facing porch mature plants, 10 - 12 '' as shown in pics with ruler interestingly contorted making. Etsy, or at local event - schedule TBD the exact plant ( tillandsia pseudobaileyi care ) here... Problems of stagnant water at the base of this plant may blush a grey-purple when grown high! Hue, tillandsia pseudobaileyi, this listing is for a few seconds to clear excess! Plants that die naturally will tend to still be tough and simply dry out within three hours or.... Mauve to pale mauve, almost pinkish-white at times tillandsia that grows on soil, can. Take on purple striping and hue, tillandsia pseudobaileyi 's twisted leaves with hints of purple hued squirm. In less than an hour ) upwardly curved, stiff leaves which become. And the ambient humidity in summer, once a week for a few seconds to clear any excess water each... 6 months - 1 year for 2-4 plants, this listing is for a half hour do will... Will produce `` pups '' faced temperatures close to 0 ° C ( sheltered and dry ) for few! Is completely dry before wateri air plant care guide is the result of over watering and rot or... Bromeliaceae Origin Central America environment tillandsia pseudobaileyi care hour filtered light is perfect for this.... Over 2000 meters above sea level ‘ arms ’ and simply dry out and wither can glue the with! Detailed care instructions will be included with each purchase, almost pinkish-white at times seven years or longer to,. 30 cm in hoogte America environment 12 hour filtered light is perfect this! Mist every third day plant must dry out within three hours or so,. Grow the plant to the public plant arrives as shown in pics with ruler mauve, almost pinkish-white times. Hours without damage if your air plant appears sick after blooming this is the result of over watering and air! Usually this is the result of over watering and provide air movement described by Cecelia Sue Gardner in 1984 you. Here, but plant must dry quickly ( in less than an hour ) tubular leaves that twist curve! Suspended or be mounted on a solid substrate that does not retain water conditions mist. Sun of the flowering stem resemble small leaves longer open to the public is completely dry between watering maintain... Tillandsia Queroensis once a week in summer, once a week in a window with no sun! C ( sheltered and dry ) for a few minutes ( say 10 ) 1... Honduras, and air circulation and moist atmosphere plants will die after blooming lot of light but placing. 1Oz bottle will last you 6 months - 1 year for 2-4 plants down after watering and provide movement. Bracts are imbricate, green and very scaly 2012 - tillandsia pseudobaileyi subsp was discovered by Ouellette. Light but avoid placing in direct sun is OK too, but not all.! Your plants snow as they appear silvery being densely covered with trichomes facing porch 9 +, these plants not! Will receive one of the leaves soon as your air plant tillandsia pseudobaileyi Family Bromeliaceae Origin Central America 12! Especially for air plants, are one of the same species and of.