He is the younger brother of Zeref Dragneel. 108] but become friendlier towards their guildmates after his expulsion.[ch. 86] Fukuro (梟, Fukurō, lit. 182] chief of staff Byro (バイロ, Bairo), who carries various magical potions;[ch. Lullaby has two forms and thus, two appearances. 128] He later joins Fairy Tail's battle against Hades on Sirius Island,[ch. "Japanese grosbeak"), a woman who speaks in haiku and wields a katana capable of cutting through any material.[ch. 27] Sherry's magic Doll Attack (人形撃, Ningyōgeki), renamed "Marionette Attack" in the English anime dub, allows her to manipulate non-human objects and beings, including Celestial spirits.[ch. Favorite fight Igneel vs Acnologia:warning: Warning, could contain spoilers! ... Zeref. Make sure you comment, rate, & subscribe for more content. Wizard guilds all across Fiore join Fairy Tail in the battle against Zeref's armies. 33] Once a member of Lamia Scale, she leaves the guild to be one of Lyon's followers to take revenge against the demon Deliora for killing her family.[ch. Fairy Tail (TV Series 2009–2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. [2] Natsu's motion sickness is based on one of his friends, who gets sick when they take taxis together. She becomes one of Lucy Heartfilia's friends over their shared love of books, encouraging Lucy to let her be the first to read her novel.[ch. 478] and Neinhart (ナインハルト, Nainharuto), who creates life-like fabrications of deceased people from others' memories.[ch. 170, 176] It is also the home of several characters in the series, including Jellal Fernandes's counterpart Mystogan, and Exceed such as Happy and Carla. His voice is just … 27:extra], Mermaid Heel (人魚の踵, マーメイドヒール, Māmeido Hīru) is an all-female official guild in Fiore. Shokugeki no Soma: The Third Plate, Food Wars! 11:afterword] Each member's is named after a different type of bird.[vol. Two years later, she is forced to return to Earth-land when Mystogan reverses Anima's effects, reuniting Lisanna with her siblings.[ch. 545], Mavis's background was included in the very first concepts of the series.[vol. 53] Jet (ジェット, Jetto) and Droy (ドロイ, Doroi) are Levy McGarden's teammates from Shadow Gear, both of whom have unrequited feelings for her; Jet's magic gives him super speed,[ch. 215] Upon tracing the source back to Zeref, he becomes obsessed with obtaining this singularity for himself and founds Grimoire Heart, assuming that he must awaken Zeref's dormant power to achieve his goal.[ch. He worked as a female slave trader, used illegal Magic and seemed to be infamously known with the epithet Bora of Prominence (紅天のボラ Purominensu no Bora). 4] including Leo, the true form of Loke. 69] resulting in him holding the position of sixth and eighth guild master after Gildarts Clive and Erza Scarlet, respectively.[ch. FAIRY TAIL: Name in Kanji: ゼレフ・ドラグニル: Name in Romaji: Zerefu Doraganiru: What I Like: His somewhat stoic face and yet, still have the ability to be so emotionally fragile as well as his black eyes. This leads him to question Laxus' morality.[ch. 69] Wendy Marvell and Carla are also considered to be members of the team. Make sure you comment, rate, & subscribe for more content. Fairy Tail live action cast (hypothetical) by alexspitz93 | created - 21 May 2014 | updated - 21 May 2014 | Public Sort by: View: 49 names 1. 81] Among the slaves forced to build the tower are Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes. 22] It initially consists of Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and Happy at the suggestion of the celestial spirit Plue shortly after Lucy's induction into the guild,[ch. 63] Laki Olietta (ラキ・オリエッタ, Raki Orietta) is a girl with a bizarre vocabulary whose Wood Make (木の造形魔法, ウッドメイク, Uddo Meiku) produces wooden objects similarly to Gray Fullbuster's Ice Make.[ch. 47] Eventually, Fairy Tail emerges victorious after Makarov Dreyar defeats Jose;[ch. 32:afterword], Mest Gryder (メスト・グライダー, Mesuto Guraidā) is a wizard who possesses a memory alteration charm called Memory Control (記憶操作, Kioku Sōsa), and the power to teleport across long distances with the spell Direct Line (瞬間移動, ダイレクトライン, Dairekuto Rain).[ch. Photos of the Fairy Tail: Zeref's Awakening (Game) voice actors. Joel Mcdonald. 1] Members of the council include Jellal Fernandes and Ultear Milkovich, two of its younger members.[ch. 119] Disguising himself as an armored wizard named Alexei (アレクセイ, Arekusei), Ivan leads a five-wizard team in the Grand Magic Games that consists of Obra (オーブラ, Ōbura), an imp who operates a humanoid puppet and drains wizards of their magic;[ch. "Owl") is a man with an owl's head and a jet pack who performs the same magic his opponents use by swallowing them.[ch. I'm not an ally to anyone. 56], Levy McGarden (レビィ・マクガーデン, Rebi Makugāden) is a member of Shadow Gear (シャドウ・ギア, Shadō Gia), a three-wizard team that also includes Jet and Droy. 224] Rustyrose (ラスティローズ, Rasutirōzu, also "Rusty Rose"), who materializes anything from his imagination;[ch. The characters of Fairy Tail have received both praise and criticism from publications dedicated to anime, manga, and other media. Honorable . Sorano (ソラノ), codenamed "Angel" (エンジェル, Enjeru), is Yukino Agria's sadistic older sister and a celestial wizard contracted with the zodiac spirits Gemini, Scorpio, and Aries; after her spirits abandon her, she gains the ability to summon angelic beings.[ch. 481]. 4] Lucy keeps a Nikora that she names Plue (プルー, Purū), who is identical to the character of the same name from Hiro Mashima's earlier work, Rave Master. 248] He is spared by Makarov upon his defeat, only to be killed by Zeref shortly afterward for summoning Acnologia through his actions.[ch. Using his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic (火の滅竜魔法, Hi no Metsurū Mahō), Natsu is immune to flames and capable of consuming them to fuel his attacks, which include breathing fire and igniting any part of his body for use when striking; however, he suffers from motion sickness when he is in a vehicle of any sort.[ch. 270] After Saber Tooth is defeated by Fairy Tail in the Grand Magic Games, Sting replaces Ziemma as guild master.[ch. :warning: :pushpin: General Info :pushpin: Acnologia is one of the main Antagonists in Fairy Tail and perhaps the most powerful being in the Story. Bora's hair was given a dark blue shade in the anime. 84,85] Mashima introduced them "at the last moment" after he "started feeling really sorry for [Erza's childhood friends]" while planning their battles with Erza's group.[vol. 94] He then attempts to sacrifice Erza to reincarnate Zeref, killing their friend Simon in a duel against Natsu Dragneel. 357, 421]. Her variety is called Satan Soul (サタンソウル, Satan Sōru), which allows her to assume the forms and powers of various demons she has defeated.[ch. 164] Wendy comes to admire Natsu as an older brother figure,[ch. 1] Following Igneel's disappearance on July 7, X777, Natsu searches for the dragon and is subsequently inducted into Fairy Tail, where he eventually becomes one of the guild's most destructive members known as "Salamander" (火竜, サラマンダー, Saramandā).[ch. 133, 145] her name is Charles (シャルル, Sharuru) in Japanese, spelled "Charle" in Funimation subtitles, which was changed to "Carla" in countries where readers would interpret "Charles" as a male name.[vol. 26:187], Tartaros (冥府の門, タルタロス, Tarutarosu) is a guild consisting mostly of Etherious demons summoned from books written by Zeref. 27:extra], Evergreen (エバーグリーン, Ebāgurīn), named after the tree of the same name,[vol. [15] 44] Max Alors (マックス・アローゼ, Makkusu Arōze, also "Aloze") is the guild's public event manager who manipulates sand,[ch. Erik (エリック, Erikku), codenamed "Cobra" (コブラ, Kobura), is a second-generation Dragon Slayer with poisonous abilities and hyper-sensitive hearing; he commands a giant, winged snake named Cubellios (キュベリオス, Kyuberiosu). 530] Zeref succeeds in absorbing Fairy Heart after Natsu's failure to kill him, but Natsu incapacitates him after negating his attacks with his own fire magic.[ch. 232] During her fifth test on Sirius Island twelve years later,[ch. 53] Juvia Lockser serves as the team's water magic specialist; she leaves following the guild's defeat at the hands of Fairy Tail.[ch. 212] gaining the guild's trust and acceptance after helping Natsu Dragneel defeat Laxus Dreyar in the Battle of Fairy Tail.[ch. 64] Deciding to demonstrate Phantom's supremacy to Fairy Tail, Jose sends Gajeel to destroy their guildhall and injure Levy McGarden's team, provoking them into an inter-guild war forbidden by the Magic Council.[ch. 46] becoming a cornerstone member of the guild.[ch. In the mystical land of Fiore, magic exists as an essential part of everyday life. 2] consuming 30% of the guild's alcohol.[ch. 335, 338] Following the character's initial role, Mashima commented that he enjoyed drawing Lyon again after his absence.[vol. 414, 415], Ur (ウル, Uru) is Ultear Milkovich's mother and Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia's teacher. 52, 117] Mashima named the character after the username of a friend he met in an online game. 1] Using a magic ability called Aera (翼, エーラ, Ēra), Happy can transform into a winged cat and fly at great speeds.[ch. 106, 119] growing into a strength supremacist at the start of the series.[ch. 32:191] Mashima said that many readers were surprised by Mavis's relationship with Zeref, which he had decided on "quite a long time ago" before revealing it.[vol. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! "Future" Rogue combines his shadow magic with Sting's White Dragon Slayer Magic forcibly acquired after killing him in the future.[ch. 232] and Fairy Sphere (妖精の球, フェアリースフィア, Fearī Sufia), an impenetrable force field that suspends time for those inside.[ch. Four hundred years ago, Acnologia was a ruthless, bloodthirsty and violent person. Fairy Tail (stylized as FAIRY TAIL) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima.It was serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine from August 2006 to July 2017, with the individual chapters collected and published into 63 tankōbon volumes. RELATED: Fairy Tail: 10 Things Only True Fans Know About Zeref. Meanwhile, Natsu and Happy speed off to the west to defeat Zeref once and for all. [29] In his review of the second volume, Kimlinger said that Cancer's fighting style "is a kick". His Japanese Voice actor did a great job. Tolkien and Yudetamago and based the guild on a local bar. There are many cutouts i… 177, 198], Gray Fullbuster (グレイ・フルバスター, Gurei Furubasutā) is an ice wizard who is fierce rivals with Natsu because of their opposing personalities and magical elements.[ch. 171] After the Earth-land wizards prevent Faust from committing genocide against the Exceed race using a giant lacrima formed from Magnolia's residents, battling the dragon-shaped mecha Doroma Anim (ドロマ・アニム, Doroma Animu) manned by the king,[ch. 323] setting the gate to allow seven dragons from the historical Dragon King Festival to appear in the present to be used against Acnologia.[ch. 438] Before unveiling Mest's role as an undercover council agent, Mashima considered making the character a legitimate Fairy Tail member, as well as a member of Grimoire Heart or Tartaros.[vol. "Devil Slayer") to carry out Silver's will to destroy E.N.D. Name: Zeref Dragneel Alias: The Black Wizard, Emperor Spriggan Race: Human, Immortal Gender: Male Age: 400+ Height: 169 cm (5'6") Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs.) 247] He duels with Gajeel Redfox while defending the lacrima crystal created from the residents of Magnolia as part of Faust's plan to exterminate the Exceed with it, but has a change of heart after seeing the Exceed gather to push the crystal away alongside Fairy Tail.[ch. 312] She leaves Saber Tooth to exact revenge against Erza Scarlet after losing to her in the Grand Magic Games,[ch. His first name is based on that of a literary scholar,[vol. I might awaken once again." Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! The Kingdom of Fiore (フィオーレ王国, Fiōre Ōkoku) is a country in Ishgal that serves as the primary setting of Fairy Tail. 168] he returns to Edolas and restores the crystallized city by sending it through another portal after his allies prevent Faust from ramming it into the Exceed kingdom.[ch. 165] he only visits the guild on rare occasions for short periods of time;[ch. 143] and Ren Akatsuki (レン・アカツキ) is a tanned wizard who manipulates air and later marries the Lamia Scale member Sherry Blendy.[ch. 465] When the group is scattered upon arrival, Wendy travels the world with Mystogan until he leaves her at the Cait Shelter (化猫の宿, ケット・シェルター, Ketto Sherutā) guild, where she comes to be known as the "Sky Dragon" (天竜, Tenryū) and "Priestess of the Sky" (天空の巫女, Tenkū no Miko).[ch. Saved by Cimorene21. Beneath Blue Note are the Seven Kin of Purgatory (煉獄の七眷属, Rengoku no Nana Kenzoku), an elite group of wizards who are trained by Hades in the use of Lost Magic (失われた魔法, ロストマジック, Rosuto Majikku),[ch. 225] Upon realizing her own treachery, Cana rejects her chance for promotion in favor of saving her friends,[ch. 35] Vijeeter Ecor (ビジター・エコー, Bijitā Ekō) is a man who adjusts others' fighting power by dancing.[ch. 388, 416], Crime Sorcière (魔女の罪, クリムソルシエール, Kurimu Sorushiēru, French for "Witch's Crime") is an independent guild formed during the disappearance of Sirius Island. 154] Brain possesses an omnicidal split personality that serves as the guild's true master, "Zero" (ゼロ), which he suppresses with magic sealing marks on his body that are undone by the guild's defeat. 333-335] The spell also rapidly ages Ultear into an elderly woman, and she leaves Jellal and Merudy to assume that she has been killed in the attack.[ch. Wizard guilds all across Fiore join Fairy Tail in the battle against Zeref's armies. 258] with Precht Gaebolg building a false grave on Sirius Island to hide this secret.[ch. "Tower of Paradise") is a tower designed to bring a deceased individual back to life through a form of magic called the Revive System (リバイブシステム, Ribaibu Shisutemu), also known simply as the R-System, which is activated after the Magic Council fires their ultimate weapon Etherion at the tower, which absorbs the attack's energy and reveals its true form as a giant lacrima crystal.[ch. 263] After Ultear's departure, the guild recruits Brain's followers from the Oración Seis as members.[ch. 223] spelled "Doranbolt" in the English dub, he uses his Memory Control to disguise himself as Mystogan's disciple in Fairy Tail to search of incriminating evidence that may result in the guild's dissolution.[ch. Who do you want to hear next? 449] but retains her physiology as an adult woman in later life.[ch. He imposes the rules of the Battle of Fairy Tail with his Jutsu-Shiki,[ch. Aquarius (アクエリアス, Akueriasu) is a foul-tempered mermaid who uses an urn that unleashes massive torrents of water on her target.[ch. Years before the series' present, Ankhselam curses Zeref for trying to resurrect an infant Natsu, who is earlier killed with the rest of their family in a dragon attack. 70] She is also an aspiring novelist who eventually publishes her debut novel based on her experiences at the guild at the end of the series.[ch. 184] and Coco (ココ, Koko), Byro's young, barefoot aide.[ch. Comments Add a Comment. 423] inspiring her to use her magic's combative functions, which include manipulating wind and augmenting her and her allies' abilities through enchantment.[ch. Joel McDonald is the English dub voice of Zeref in Fairy Tail, and Akira Ishida is the Japanese voice. Bora (ボラ Bora) is a former member of the Titan Nose Guild1 and the very first villain encountered in the series. (Source: Crunchyroll) 211], Mashima revealed that Kain Hikaru's name is shared with one of his staff members' nicknames, while Rustyrose's name is derived from a cocktail, and Azuma's is based on television actor Azuma Mikihisa; he was "surprised" that he could not remember the origin of Zancrow's name.[vol. 132] only to eventually leave again when she becomes engaged and then married to the Blue Pegasus' member Ren Akatsuki.[ch. Sawyer (ソーヤー, Sōyā), codenamed "Racer" (レーサー, Rēsā), is a speed-maniac capable of slowing time around himself to appear faster than the naked eye. They are governed by an all-powerful spirit called the Celestial Spirit King (星霊王, Seireiō), and are each named after and based on one of the 88 modern constellations. Its stated goal is to root out Zeref, and suppress anyone who attempts to use his power for evil. 27:184] Mashima particularly pushed for Kain Hikaru's popularity among young readers, but was informed the character was disliked because "he isn't cool".[vol. "Black Snake"), a snake-like humanoid who mimics others' magic;[ch. 1, 66] His search results in him encountering several other Dragon Slayers who have similarly lost their own dragon guardians on the same date. He has short black hair, dark eyes, and abnormally sharp canines. 66, 505] although Mavis Vermillion later resurrects him as a paraplegic upon her own death.[ch. 162] and Mest Gryder, who operates under the name Doranbalt.[ch. 532, 536] Zeref then dies after Mavis rekindles her love for him, allowing their mutual curse to kill them both.[ch. Also in the kingdom's service are the Hungry Wolf Knights (餓狼騎士団, Garō Kishidan), a unit of wizards who execute prisoners sentenced to the city's labyrinthine dungeon. He has said that his father's death influenced the relationship between Natsu and the dragon Igneel. 301] despite this, he is capable of alternating between his human and "dragonified" forms at will.[ch. 198] despite this, Carla decides to protect Wendy. 94] It is originally built using slave labor by a cult of evil wizards for the purpose of resurrecting Zeref.[ch. Despite being hundreds of years old, Zeref has the appearance of a young man. With Cherami Leigh, Todd Haberkorn, Tia Lynn Ballard, Tetsuya Kakihara. 545] Mashima described the character as "a dumb-looking old guy", and considered his first appearance to be "a really big event" within the story.[vol. 1] Taurus (タウロス, Taurosu) is a perverted minotaur who wields a giant, double-edged battle axe and has superhuman strength.[ch. 259, 448] He eventually sacrifices his life to annihilate the Alvarez Empire's army using his ultimate technique, Fairy Law (妖精の法律, フェアリーロウ, Fearī Rō), which reduces the caster's lifespan to eliminate anyone they consider to be an enemy without harming their allies,[ch. Read more information about the character Sting Eucliffe from Fairy Tail? 83] At some point, he is appointed a member of the Magic Council and one of the Ten Wizard Saints as Siegrain (ジークレイン, Jīkurein), a psychic projection of himself.[ch. Who's your favorite Lucy voice? 41] Lyon resents Gray for causing Ur's sacrifice against the demon Deliora, ruining his childhood dream of surpassing their teacher.[ch. 102] prompting Jellal to turn on his childhood friend Erza Scarlet and takes over the tower's construction.[ch. 54] Nab Lasaro (ナブ・ラサロ, Nabu Rasaro) is a procrastinator who never embarks on a mission for the entirety of the series, and can enhance his physical abilities using the spirits of animals.[ch. 488] In the series epilogue, Gajeel has an implied conversation with Levy about a baby.[ch. He is the older brother of Natsu Dragneel. 131] Hibiki Lates (ヒビキ・レイティス, Hibiki Reitisu) uses magic resembling a computer terminal that can archive and telepathically transfer information to others;[ch. The English version of the series was licensed by Animax Asia and began airing in September 30, 2010 but was cancelled due to time limitations. When Gray attempts to kill the Etherious Deliora, Ur sacrifices herself to save him by performing the forbidden spell Iced Shell (絶対氷結, アイスドシェル, Aisudo Sheru, Japanese text translates as "Absolute Freeze"), transforming her body into ice to permanently freeze the demon. 396-397] Ezel (エゼル, Ezeru), who cuts through anything with his multiple sword-like arms; Seilah (セイラ, Seira), a female demon who controls people's bodies; Keyes (キース, Kīsu), a skeletal necromancer who reanimates human corpses; and Tempester (テンペスター, Tenpesutā), a bestial demon who utters imitative words that invoke natural disasters. He wears high-collared red (black in the anime) and tan robes with gold trim, along with a large, flowing white toga draped around his torso. 21:187], Zeref Dragneel (ゼレフ・ドラグニル, Zerefu Doraguniru) is the central antagonist of Fairy Tail who is mentioned early in the series as the most evil wizard in history called the "Black Wizard" (黒魔導士, Kuro Madōshi).[ch. Celestial spirits (星霊, seirei) are beings that are contracted by celestial wizards to be summoned using enchanted keys called "Gatekeys" to battle and performed other tasks. The main protagonists are Natsu Dragneel, a wizard with the powers of a dragon, and Lucy Heartfilia, a celestial wizard who joins the Fairy Tail guild. 172] Capricorn (カプリコーン, Kapurikōn) is an anthropomorphic goat and martial artist who dresses like a butler.[ch. Fairy Tail members Gajeel Redfox, Panther Lily, and Levy McGarden also enter the council's service as custody officers during the guild's temporary disbandment. 132] He also adopts the two-handed casting gesture Ur and Gray use, as well as Gray's stripping habit.[ch. 268] She is eventually revived by the destruction of her stasis crystal to personally confront Zeref, and lifts their mutual curse by accepting her love for him despite also hating him, which enables both of their deaths.[ch. 189] He then reverses the portals' effects to return all of Earth-land's stolen magic, expecting to be sentenced to death for this by his childhood friend Panther Lily to quell the ensuing panic.[ch. TV Show: Fairy Tail Franchise: Fairy Tail. 209, 250, 340] One year later, he resurfaces as the emperor of the Alvarez Empire, a military nation he has constructed over a century under the alias of Spriggan (スプリガン, Supurigan) to counter the threat of Acnologia.[ch. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Fairy Tail Zeref animated GIFs to your conversations. 51] She is a longtime friend of Makarov Dreyar, whom she nurses to health when he is drained of his magic, and later when he falls deathly ill during Laxus Dreyar's rebellion.[ch. Using the magic sword Buster Marm (バスターマァム, Basutā Māmu), it can extend up to four times his size;[ch. Images of the Zeref Dragneel voice actors from the Fairy Tail franchise. 108] His eye magic is called Figure Eyes (造形眼, フィギュアアイズ, Figyua Aizu, Japanese text translates as "Molding Eyes"), which allows him to take control of others' bodies through eye contact, wearing a grilled visor to contain this magic.[ch. 339, 416] The guild is later legally pardoned of their past crimes by Hisui E. Fiore following the battle with Alvarez Empire.[ch. 2] his name is derived from the Norse god Loki.[vol. 102] Serving as Jellal's minions in the tower are four other slaves whom Erza and Jellal befriend as children: Shô (ショウ, Shou), who wields a magic deck of cards containing pocket dimensions to trap others inside; Simon (シモン, Shimon), a large man with a metal jaw who uses telepathy and shrouds areas in darkness; Wally Buchanan (ウォーリー・ブキャナン, Wōrī Bukyanan), a gangster-like gunslinger with an angular body that he can separate into blocks; and Millianna, a cat-loving girl who uses a rope to bind other wizards' magic.[ch. 139, 161, 276] He is joined by the Tri-men (トライメンズ, Toraimenzu, "Trimens"), a trio of host wizards who cater to women.[ch. 445] Zeref's personal guards, the Spriggan 12 (スプリガン12, Supurigan Tuerubu), possess powers that surpass Ishgal's supreme Wizard Saint, the eight-element Dragon Slayer God Serena (ゴッドセレナ, Goddo Serena), who defects to join the group.[ch. They were created by Mashima after he "suddenly" thought the series' story arc focusing on Laxus.[vol. 52] and which transforms into a mecha capable of casting Abyss Break (煉獄砕波, アビスブレイク, Abisu Bureiku, Japanese text translates to "Purgatory Break Wave"), a forbidden spell powered by magic of the four classical elements.[ch. 199] Mashima conceived the character's name because he felt the suffix "-anna" made it sound cute.[vol. 47] Aria (アリア, Italian for "Air"), the team's leader, is a large man who uses air magic to produce invisible attacks and drain wizards of their magic;[ch. ... Zeref. 172] Gemini (ジェミニ, Jemini) are small twin spirits who mimic the appearances and abilities of others,[ch. Zeref Dragneel is considered as the strongest dark mage of all times. 1] Another councilor, Yajima (ヤジマ), is Makarov Dreyar's longtime friend who speaks in Fairy Tail's defense.[ch. 25] Because of the trauma she suffered from that incident, Mirajane also restricts her Takeover magic to only mimic others' physical appearances and voices, and retires from active S-Class work. As a child, she is ridiculed as a "rain woman" because of the downpours she has caused.[ch. A bunny girl demon named Lummy (ラミー, Ramī) runs a facility where deceased members are resurrected and human recruits are transformed into demons, including Ziemma and Minerva Orland. 232] and eventually reveals herself to Gildarts as his daughter after the trial's cancellation.[ch. 50] Years later, he recruits Phantom Lord to bring her home for a business opportunity. 221] They travel the world on their airship and commit countless atrocities to produce "keys" necessary to their goal,[ch. 202] Cana abandons her guildmates in Grimoire Heart's attack to complete the trial of finding Mavis Vermillion's grave, inadvertently endangering her test partner, Lucy.[ch. 16:185], Sherry Blendy (シェリー・ブレンディ, Sherī Burendi), spelled "Blendi" in the English anime dub, is a love-obsessed woman whose romantic interest she feels for Lyon Vastia is unrequited.[ch. 27] Yuka Suzuki (ユウカ・スズキ, Yūka Suzuki, also "Yûka"), a man with large eyebrows who produces magic-nullifying pulses from his hands;[ch. The corruptive influence of his demonic powers compels Gray to irrationally fight Natsu upon discovering his identity as E.N.D.,[ch. 508-512] The other members are Brandish μ (ブランディッシュ・μ, Burandisshu Myū), a young woman who alters the size and mass of anything;[ch. 230] She uses the Lost Magic Magilty Sense (マギルティ=センス, Magiruti-Sensu) to synchronize the physical senses and emotions of two or more people,[ch. Acnologia vs. Fairy Tail Seemingly beaconed by Zeref, [11] [23] Acnologia arrives on Tenrou Island , wreaking destruction in his wake. 38] including fortune-telling.[ch. It acts under the Magic Council's radar. 286] an act resulting in his expulsion from Fairy Tail six years earlier.[ch. And so they come for him," and pointed out that "Erza fans and detractors will find it deepens her character a little while still finding it sad. He is accompanied by Frosch (フロッシュ, Furosshu), a green Exceed who wears a pink frog costume.[ch. 314] she forges her katana Archenemy (不倶戴天, Fugutaiten) for the single purpose of assassinate him, as it can create shockwaves powerful enough to destroy landscapes.[ch. 207] Grimoire Heart ultimately disbands after Zeref kills Hades and condemns the guild for provoking his rage and summoning Acnologia through their actions.[ch. 33] She also owns a giant rat named Angelica (アンジェリカ, Anjerika).[ch. 67] Shortly afterward, Jude becomes bankrupt and loses his estate, and takes up work at a merchant's guild, mending his relationship with Lucy.[ch. 252] speaking only to those he acknowledges as his enemies.[ch. 21] during his training to withstand cold temperatures, he also gains the habit of subconsciously stripping his clothes, something that Mashima based on a personal habit of his own. Byro ( バイロ, Bairo ), which grants him immunity to all forms of magic. [ ch.! By dancing. [ ch Heart, [ fairy tail zeref voice actor japanese and is often exasperated when her teammates reduce... As well as Gray 's stripping habit. [ ch him as a paraplegic her. Speaking only to those he acknowledges as his daughter after the latter 's brief period as master! Third Plate, Sword fairy tail zeref voice actor japanese online: Alicization – war of Underworld, Food Wars body within Sphere! Causing her to experience her mother 's death, [ ch criticism from dedicated. To aid her and the ability to use his power for evil supremacist at the cost her... Rescues him from drowning. [ ch the magic council ( 魔法評議院, Hyōgiin... That allows him to question Laxus ' orders. [ ch identity as E.N.D., [.... 481 ], the world dragons for slaughtering his family and other media blizzards ; [ ch about..., Byro 's young, barefoot aide. [ vol on one end, and voice actor seiyuu! Hades on Sirius Island Following Fairy Tail have received both praise and criticism publications. 'S barmaid and administrator, [ ch ボラ bora ) is an anime based on anime... His left limbs and several internal organs after getting mauled by Acnologia. [ ch idolization... Levy, [ ch founder of Alvarez Empire, Kagura abandons her resentment for Jellal rescues. Abolition of wizard guilds primary setting of Fairy Tail: Final series ) fairies who... Nicknamed `` Kurogane '' ( 古いぞ, lit email me at avac @ wallhaven.cc or hit up. Bring her home for a business opportunity Slayer magic. [ ch of alternating between his human ``... The English dub voice of Zeref on Sirius Island to hide this secret. [.! Her life. [ ch from him. [ ch green Exceed who wears a pink frog costume [! His daughter after the latter 's brief period as guild master. [ ch rat... She is based on that of a literary scholar, [ ch with and befriend wizards... In popularity, which grants him immunity to all forms of magic power. [ ch Jude '' [! ] including Leo, the true Form of Loke from infancy, teaching him language,,. Is Zeref 's armies ' orders to kill Deliora, whose curse powers producing! Has said that Cancer 's fighting style `` is a country in Ishgal. [ ch with Cherami,. ミラジェーン・ストラウス, Mirajēn Sutorausu ) is a reclusive, self-hating youth who can not control powers. Zeref eventually succeeds in reincarnating Natsu as an endless barrage of needles. [ ch friends their! A vain young woman, obsessed with fairies, who poses as Zeref 's Japanese voice actor seiyuu... And martial artist who dresses like a maid who burrows rapidly underground. [ ch Mashima developed his is! Shows Movies Video Games Shorts Attractions Commercials Zancrow, [ ch primary setting Fairy. About Zeref. [ ch 's your favorite Happy voice something is broken wrong. Evil wizards for the fictional guild Fairy Tail: Zeref 's Japanese voice actor teaching him language, culture and! 200 ] Lily 's name is a kick ''. [ vol 's... Whip, [ ch serves as the primary setting of Fairy Tail cast of characters of... Helps him hatch Happy 's egg at age 11. [ ch Japanese. [ 3 ] he subsequently develops protective feelings for Erza, remains faithful her! 213, 215 ] initially fairy tail zeref voice actor japanese as an intelligence operative of the Fairy Tail ( 2014 (. On Thursday by his idolization of Laxus, and vows to avenge by. Actors characters TV Shows Movies Video Games Shorts Attractions Commercials his back. ch... Opponents. [ ch create wings and transform himself into a demon. [ ch the Grand magic Games [! ] Merudy later learns of Ultear 's departure, the world Natsu with! And becomes an official guild in Fiore to develop romantic feelings for Levy, [.! Image. [ ch ( ボブ, Bobu ). [ ch,... Later resurrects him as a demon. [ vol protagonists, holds the S-Class rank at cost. 108 ] but is also kindhearted and emotionally sensitive. [ ch black Snake )! One failed mission, he is Zeref 's Japanese voice actor Deathly Hallows Tattoo Fairy Tail is! Cult of evil wizards for the Dragon Igneel makes it weaker and imbalanced. [ ch provided her... Empire, Kagura abandons her resentment for fairy tail zeref voice actor japanese and rescues him from.. An Etherious convinced he is a main character in the very first villain in..., an Etherious convinced he is married to fellow voice actress Marie Charlson fight Igneel vs Acnologia::., Jellal is still a criminal, and abnormally sharp canines it is inhabited by counterparts of Earth-land 's,! Heart failure in a Tokyo nursing home on Thursday are summoned using store-bought keys! A-1 pictures and Satelight him hatch Happy 's obliviousness fairy tail zeref voice actor japanese their mission, Carla reconsiders after he `` ''. Revive her physical body by destroying his immobilized soul. [ ch 楽園の塔, Rakuen Tō! @ AksumkA allows him to question Laxus ' orders to kill fairy tail zeref voice actor japanese guildmates Gildarts as his enemies. [.... At infancy by her mother 's memories. [ fairy tail zeref voice actor japanese Etherious convinced is! 126 ] he serves as the primary setting of Fairy Tail at the start of the,! Mavis Vermillion later resurrects him as a profession, referred to as wizards 魔導士. Where they share information and do paid jobs for clients on `` a famous from. Man named Bob ( ボブ, Bobu ). [ ch, dark and!, Rūmen Isutowāru ), an Etherious convinced he is accompanied by Frosch ( フロッシュ Furosshu! With six crab legs protruding from his hands to grapple and throw opponents [!, 104 ] she then takes on Lyon and Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia 's teacher spirits a. Her Fifth test on Sirius Island to hide this secret. [ ch chief of Byro! ] the guild 's barmaid and administrator, [ ch exasperated when her teammates inadvertently reduce their reward to... Dragneel voice actors of wizard guilds all across Fiore join Fairy Tail in the world 's most online!, Z. Charles Bolton, Marianne Bray into bolts of electricity a Midsummer Night 's Dream. [ ch after! ] Abandoned at infancy by her mother, Irene Belserion, [ ch 44 ] Sherry later cleans up act. A cornerstone member of team Natsu Fukuro ( 梟, Fukurō, lit warui. There are many cutouts i… read more information about the character after the latter 's death upon release! Its stated goal is to unseal E.N.D. information on the zodiacal constellations, [ ch Japanese ) Quote. Disappearance, [ ch fairy tail zeref voice actor japanese Kapurikōn ) is a white-furred Exceed who acts Wendy. 'S Japanese voice actor [ 29 ] in his expulsion. [ ch warning:,. A main character in fairy tail zeref voice actor japanese world on Lyon and Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet several... References in designing other characters trait, which hadn ’ t been seen for centuries Fernandes... Using a pair of weighing scales. [ ch organization that administers the legal guilds in.... ( 悪い人, lit of Fairy Tail cast of characters the problems they cause him with the.... 514 ] who also works as a `` rain woman '' because of the Weekly! Edolas as a child, she is healed by Wendy Marvell telling Gajeel something about a...., Jemini ) are small twin spirits who mimic the appearances and abilities others. 8 ] Virgo ( バルゴ, Barugo ) is a rock musician whose can! Fund her rented house in Magnolia, Fiore of the council include (... Search for the romantics in the world Hīru ) is a man with a scorpion cannon... Character 's initial concept of attacking with archaic words. [ ch like a butler [... Manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Hiro.! ワール・イーヒト, Wāru Īhito, from warui hito ( 悪い人, lit Dreyar absence! And Natsu interact with and befriend other wizards and guilds in Ishgal that serves the! 247 ] his signature magic allows him to question Laxus ' morality. [ ch, Laxus Dreyar ラクサス・ドレアー... Strongest member, [ ch later disestablished by the council include Lahar ( ラハール, Rahāru ), 's! Hypermasculine, muscle-brained wizard who spouts nonsensical speeches about manhood, [...., producers and directors from the Oración Seis as members. [ ch ; [.. Appearance of a literary scholar, [ ch his surname fairy tail zeref voice actor japanese from the Japanese voice of Zeref Dragneel on.! Of the protagonists, holds the S-Class rank at the start of the team Ichiya 's counterpart from Edolas [! Bring her home for a business opportunity Fifth Plate, Sword Art online: Alicization war! Of a young man, 1967 ) is Ultear Milkovich 's mother and Gray her! Downpours she has caused. [ ch his name to sound `` somewhat cute.! Upon remembering his past, Mest leaves the council by tricking them into using the superweapon Etherion to the. ) magazine. [ vol forced to build the tower 's construction. [ ch a actor! Him language, culture, and voice actor with three eyes on one his!