The term “unsolicited promotional sample” refers to any article of merchandise that is sent through the mail free of charge and that is unrequested by the addressee. It’s called a “brushing” scam. Officials in Kentucky and Ohio also said they have received several reports of residents getting unsolicited packages in the mail containing unknown types of seeds. (CNN)All 50 states have now issued warnings about mysterious, unsolicited packages of seeds that people across the nation have received in the mail in recent weeks. There’s more information to unpack in the ongoing unsolicited packages saga. In the event a consumer does receive an unsolicited package, they should notify the retailer immediately, said Monique Becenti, product and channel specialist at … If you receive merchandise you didn’t order, you may keep it as a gift. UPS and FedEx are contending with a new wrinkle in package scams that involves fraudulently ordered electronics being returned to criminals rather than to a legitimate retail shipping address.. Watch out for this hot package scam. If you’ve gotten one of the mystery packages, don’t throw it away. 454 Unsolicited Promotional Samples 454.1 Definition. People who’ve gotten unsolicited foreign seeds in the mail are asked to report it to their state Department of Agriculture. People like Tom Hedeen of South Fort Myers are getting surprise packages they never ordered and never paid for. The deliveries, which are not gifts, are what authorities call a "brushing scam," in which people receive unsolicited items from a seller who then posts false customer reviews to boost sales. Then it happened again the following day, and again, and again, and again without end until the small, unsolicited parcels began piling up in McGeehan's home. This definition includes items such as patent medicines, cosmetics, laundry products, and razors. "It came in like a dark plastic sealed envelope. One North Fort Myers man says he received an unsolicited package in the mail last week.