This snippet appears below the title tag in the search results and is a great chance to include your keywords and increase your click-through rates. How to Identify What Theme a Website Is Using, Torque’s Social Hour: A chat with Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Press This Podcast: Growing a Plugin Business from 0-25K MRR with Adrian Tobey, How to Locate and Block IP Addresses in WordPress. if your description is 161 characters, don’t waste time trimming it. Make sure you do not have duplicate meta descriptions. WP ENGINE®, TORQUE®, EVERCACHE®, and the cog logo service marks are owned by WPEngine, Inc. WP Engine collects and stores your information to better customize your site experience and to optimize our website. Search engines show it in search results when the meta description also includes the keywords being searched. If your meta description tag is shorter than say 125 characters or longer than 160 characters – rewrite it to fit under the 160 characters range and see if it gets pulled. I won’t go in-depth as what you can find there. Show me some examples. The search engines show the description you add to your meta tags so it’s important to make a relevant description for every single page on your website. There are lots of great online resources on best practices for writing meta descriptions. Make sure you are not using weird characters like quotation marks which can cause weird effects. Start … Rewrite meta descriptions completely to be better aligned to your content. Optimized Meta Description Example. Privacy Policy. Look no further than NJ based 2 Dogs Media. Google will actually pull content from your page. Use 160 characters for your meta descriptions, but don’t obsess over it, i.e. Meta Descriptions Which Are Too Long. Your email address will not be published. The meta description of the Bunosilo is an excellent example of a homepage meta description. They have clearly stated what the store is about and used the keywords precisely in it. So keep that in mind when you go to optimize your meta descriptions. "/> Its purpose is simple: it needs to get someone searching with a search term on Google to click your link. Search engines such as Google often display the meta description in search results, which can influence click-through rates. 3. Search Google for “men’s athletic shoes” Example of a Good Meta Description. General tips for writing meta data This is the only page that contains this meta description. What is a meta description? That is the question.My advice? They are picked from different page types and websites from different industries. You’ll notice they follow the best practices but also put some time and effort into touching on providing solutions to a problem. Qualities of a Good Meta Description. Inspire action. Sometimes multiple SEO related plugins can cause issues and duplicates. On a search engine results page (SERP), the meta description appears under the page title and URL. If the page or post has dropped in CTR – then put the old meta description back or try a new version. Examples of meta descriptions in search results. That’s important, even though Google only shows meta descriptions in 37% of the time. If your descriptions are just so-so, they won’t be helping you get clicks or … 10+ years of experience doing what we love! Affiliate. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. However, your consent is required before we can provide this free service. It’s one thing to see some general tips written out, but sometimes some visual examples can help. If you search for anything, the search engine results pages, or SERPs, will display every webpage with its title, and a meta description underneath the title: A meta description — on the surface — is a brief synopsis of a webpage. Meta Descriptions are essential for webpages and especially for e-commerce websites. Having a compelling meta description entices more people to click on your website in the search results. You can’t stick with the same Meta description on E-commerce sites, as new seals, offers and discounts are always there, and you will need to change accordingly. While meta data isn't as important for SEO rankings as it used to be, the meta description still plays a significant role in on-page SEO. Meta Description Examples. The short answer is yes. Step 2 – Add a relevant description – meta description tag. If so, keep the new one you created. Meta-descriptions play a big role in search results. I’ll just focus on the 30,000-foot view. There is only so much room for a search result, particularly … Here is an example of a web page without the viewport meta tag, and the same web page with the viewport meta tag: Tip: If you are browsing this page with a phone or a tablet, you can click on the two links below to see the difference. Instead, focus on these tips: 1. Include your primary keyword if you can do so naturally. Now, you can easily understand and write a good meta description, kno… Notice how the focus keyword (off page SEO), is highlighted multiple times in the description. allow you to tell search engines more about the content of your posts and pages Stick to your brand voice and tone, but also keep it conversational. Sites like Google have a tendency to include more clickable real estate than sites like Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. When displayed on the SERP, the search keywords are emphasized (is in bold) in the meta description which is helpful to attract users attention. Alternation. In case you're unfamiliar with the term, a meta description is the A meta description is a short snippet, a meta tag in HTML, that summarizes a webpage’s content. Length: the length is good. If you want to see some real life examples of optimized meta descriptions, you can see our list below. What is a Meta Description? Join our pack today! The meta description summarizes your page's content and is the first thing users look at to decide whether or not they want to visit your page. Uniqueness: good. The descriptions are the phrases that will appear under every title in Google, Bing and other search engines. To write 160 characters or not to write 160 characters? Let’s take a look at how the meta description for our VPS hosting page appears in search engine results: How to write title tags and meta descriptions that get clicks. It’s a short depiction of what appears on your web page so searchers know what to expect when they click through to your site. Here's why: Below are a few tips that can help you to create title tags and meta descriptions that get clicked. 2. It’s not too long and not too short. Here’s Facebook pulling the page title and meta description for a share: So even if Google rewrote every single one of your meta descriptions (which they won’t)… Ensure you do not have multiple meta descriptions being generated on your website. When you write your meta descriptions include a, While some may say it is not relevant, we do recommend. Change your description to a new version but make sure you put the old version in your spreadsheet. Notice how the benefits (free shipping and free returns) and embedded in the description. A meta description is a meta tag placed in the HTML code that describes the content of a page. A meta description is meta tag that acts as a 155-160 characters summary that describes the content of a web page. Your meta-description is a short opportunity to let a Google searcher know that your article has the goods they’re looking for. 5 Great Meta Description Examples. more likely to click on the link to your content. You could be missing a great new post to help you learn more about Wordpress and SEO! It’s easy to think about these concepts in theory, but much harder to apply them to your own web pages. 0. It's a crucial component of on-page SEO, which is why … … Delivering the message: the meta description contains a Call-To-Action (CTA), namely: “Buy online, or visit an Apple store today”. For example, this new expansion of the meta description length can be really powerful, especially because a lot of people haven’t implemented it, yet. These are some good examples of meta description what homepage meta description should be like in case of e-commerce websites and blogs. This is done well. Made by hand in Austin, Texas. Each sentence is an active command, with a central focus on getting pet owners to schedule an annual checkup for their pet. A meta description is the approximately 160 character summary that appears below your URL on a search engine or anywhere that your website is shared. A meta description (sometimes called a meta description attribute or tag) is an HTML element that describes and summarizes the contents of your page for the benefit of users and search engines. Before we dive headlong into the tips for writing extremely compelling meta descriptions, let’s first get a few “fast facts” out of the way first. In other words, meta descriptions are there to generate click-throughs from search engines. Include a call-to-action, i.e. A meta description is a piece of HTML on your webpage that allows you to describe your page. For example, Facebook will use a page’s meta description in the absence of an open graph description tag. Now that we're on the same page and you know what a meta description is, let's answer another common question: Do you really need one? Character countmust be in between 155 to 165. Looking for a new website for your Non Profit or small business? Your meta descriptions should get people’s attention and inspire them to take action. Example 3: Actionable descriptions. Wait about 30-60 days to see if the CTR for that post or page has improved. © 2013–2020 WPEngine, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Meta descriptions should always fall … Be unique and interesting. The meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a web page. More Meta Descriptions Examples. A meta description is a short summary, usually a character count of 160 or less, that is shown in the search results and gives a searcher an idea of what your page content is about. Menu ... An example of meta used as an adjective are meta tags which are HTML tags that are hidden on a website screen but give search engines the title and description of the web screen. 2. To help you think about them in a more relevant context, let’s look at some meta description examples and why they’re effective.This is a tight 130 characters, and only two sentences, making it a nearly perfect length. Example: Buy Nike Air Max Striking the Right Tone Use action-oriented language that encourages users to visit your site.