That last scene of episode 14 leaves me breathless. Thank you! ?❤. Microsoft helped the NSA get around its encryption systems so the agency could spy on users of and Skype, reports suggest. It could be because we are only barely at the first half of the drama, considering its got 40 episodes and many things are not revealed!!! His real name is Kim Hyung Kyu, you may find his credits split between that and Dong Ha. Look at him! SUSPICIOUS PARTNER RINGTONE. The show seems to be finding its footing now that the groundwork has been laid, giving today’s episodes a chance to focus on Bong-hee and Ji-wook and what makes … Continue reading "Suspicious Partner: Episodes 5-6" Hyun-soo looks up at that, his expression chilling. I love all his micro-expressions in this show. -Ji-wook trying to care for Bong-hee without getting caught He agrees to five minutes, and the puppy-dog eyes he turns on Bong-hee are more than she can resist. i totally didnt expect that. And my really favourite thing, on top of the OTP awkward moments, are the group dynamics of this new firm, and the one-on-one connections. She did lack a bit of her usual bite and drive this episode, but I gave her a pass since it's only been like 48 hours since she confessed and was rejected. Being around a suspicious person is difficult to deal with. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Yes, he seems to have something up his sleeve, which results in him secretly smiling to himself all the time. How does the amnesiac part play into all of this? I am not sure if everybody is following the epilogue but in today's epilogue scene when JW and BH are driving to the crime scene....JW thinks back to BH confession from the morning that she will reset back her feelings to their mentor-trainee days. My dream of BH and EH being friends and getting into all sorts of shenanigans is slowly coming true. I think that possibly they see themselves as some sort of anti-heroes, protecting the weak from those who harm them by making sure their attackers never hurt anyone ever again. In a deserted underground walkway, he looks up to see Hyun-soo standing in front of him, smirking triumphantly. I remember reading an article post K2 where the reporter had speculated that Ji-Wook and Yoona are dating based on the way he looks at her in that drama. I really enjoyed his hilarious acting in Chief Kim. Did he like her? Nice~. They need to get drunk together all the time! Maybe, it hasnt come to the point that the killer has amnesia, im guessing that something would cause the killer to have amnesia after this?? On the latest episode of the SBS drama "Suspicious Partner", Noh Ji-wook (Ji Chang-wook) became a different lawyer and Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) went from trainee to lawyer. -I love how honest BH is able to be about her feelings. I was wondering if he was praising her for something else, but he probably thought he was only thinking it and did not realise that he'd said it out loud LOL. For me, it meant that she wanted to respect his wishes but that she will obey, and not interfere regardless. bahahaha! var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Be still, my heart :D. There was sooo much I loved about this episode: I knew it. And for Eun Hyuk, the look on his face. And now he's within their circle, celebrating his freedom and carefully watching Bong-hee. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, Let's see if this actor can become the next PBG. I love also how Chief Bang and Eun-hyuk both know all about Bong-hee and Ji-wook's real feelings about each other, but when CEO Byun was thiiiiis close to figuring out himself, his theory gets rejected. I needed some reason to like her a little bit, as it seems like they're steering EH back to YJ (or is that just me seeing that in the EH arriving at the wrong house scene). Now she's back and she wants in again. Suspicious Partner: Episodes 23-24 by LollyPip. Can we take a moment to appreciate that we did, in fact, get a Bong-hee koala hug? Ah no, I didn't notice that he totally knows, but I think she knows it too because I think otherwise she would have refused him. Poor guy. It's really unclear. I try to watch to the very end ?. It must have been planed, right? Though Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk are more like Ji Wook Lovers Not-Very-Anonymous Support Group. but my fan girl heart is sooo happy. I really like how we can see Ji Wook getting conflicted and learning new things about being an attorney, and about what his dad was like as a lawyer through the things he's going through right now. Ji-wook almost hugs her back, but he lets his arm fall as tells her not to like him. I thought that the murder of Bong Hee's ex was totally random, or it wasn't? Diversity Program Value-Added Services I just finished My Secret Romance (I know, totally different kind of drama, but hear me out), and since Suspicious Partner started, I've been yelling at my screen at MSR's epilogues, "See SP for how to do epilogues right!" One thing I can't quite fit in is the amnesia angle. When BH asks what does he mean, he totally sputters and just tells her to work hard on her job. The WHOLE CAST is so much fun to watch! js.src = "//"; You can kinda say the same thing about Bong Hee for him. It was very cultural---- I mean in the Asian context, it means respect, right? I'm loving how Ji-wook complicates things between him and Bong-hee because of his woundedness. El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. Your mind is a scary place, but I like your theory and at the same time, I'm horrified for the possibilities for our puppy! I'm just going to list down things that caught my eye since I'm too hyped to make it all coherent: it will not be easy to accept. Everyone on his team (except Ji-wook) is thrilled, and in the back of the courtroom, we see forensics investigator Chan-ho watching the proceedings. Kkkkkkk. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Director: Peter Sullivan | Stars: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Brian Krause, Cristine Prosperi, Kati Salowsky. Hyun Soo doesn't look like an amnesiac at all,he has a good memory as lawyer Noh said. Chief Bang cause a shipless shipper who cannot ship is a land rat on a bag of biscuits. When he left the party to go talk to the couple, he was going to say something about Bong-hee, but ended up just saying "don't drink too much" to Eun-hyuk. - When Bong-hee clings to Ji-wook like a koala when she's drunk. But then when BH's nemesis/YJ's asst told her that BH was likely a murdered, YJ mentioned feeling vindicated. So scary to be stalked by cold-blooded killers. So who was it the night the molester saw across the window? They know exactly what they're doing! If not for the fact that Ji Wook hates defending people and finds all defendants suspicious, it would continue to be the perfect crime. The couple who had the party at Hyun-soo’s regular bar find the note that Bong-hee left, but when they call Bong-hee’s number, she’s singing for the team (horrifically, and against Ji-wook’s advice), and doesn’t hear her phone ring. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. I just had a thought...what if the forensic guy is using the killer as a weapon by taking advantage of the amnesia by filling his head with false memories. Probably not a good idea. His mixed-up emotions could lead him into some very bad decisions if he’s not careful, … Continue reading "Suspicious Partner: Episodes 13-14" Ji-wook confesses that he hates guilty clients, but he hates innocent clients even more because he’s scared he won’t be able to prove their innocence. Or was it the forensics guy getting rid of body evidence for his buddy? - Eun-Hyuk with Bong-hee and their good buddy vibes. I still find it weird that on her part, it doesn't feel like she had been friends with JW and EH since childhood. Also, it was also very hot because Ji Wook looked torridly hungry with those eyes. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation. Ji-wook asks again what time she discovered the body, and the sister now says that she doesn’t remember. Now that would be crazy, but unique at least? She decides to loosen his tie to make him more comfortable, so she leans close to carefully untie it. I recently went through a similar situation in which despite your best afford to stop the feelings, it takes only one look and a small gesture for your insides to just melt into a puddle. Now that it's clear HS was the real criminal, I'm confused as to how the amnesiac thing works - HS sees himself as a "heroic" being who goes around punishing men who commit sexual crimes. Or they have been eyeing her and found the ex in her life. This time we see him there, leaving the courtroom as Bong-hee was surrounded by reporters. I love how these two have a share history of falling asleep together, it's like their trademark by now but it's original and really cute. Same writer. This show is testing how much I can squeal!!!! In some ways, this is the best thing for him right now. it sucks that HS framed BH, but the chef was a rapist and I'm glad HS killed him so brutally. On the partnership of our villains--usual trope is for them to have grown in an orphanage together and one doing something terrible and being protected by the other. p/s : The killer need to stop smiling like that because it creeps me out! His expression is super funny as always, and because he's clearly in the support for Ji-wook (asking concernedly whether his insomnia got worse) and for the OTP. Drunker now, the team discuss Bong-hee’s tone-deafness, and she mentions the song she heard Hee-joon’s killer whistling on the night of his murder. SUSPICIOUS PARTNER RINGTONE. I keep thinking Hyun Soo would be Hyun if Jang Nara never came into his life and Chan Ho would be Min. Suspicious Partner is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun, with Choi Tae-joon and Kwon Nara. That's something to look out for. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. I feel sorry for BH but I feel sadder for Ji Wook. Ji-hae argues desperately that Hyun-soo could have returned later for the valuables, but Ji-wook debunks that theory too, since there was only one set of shoe prints. And the epilogue just highlights why he was so gentle in that scene. The film has debutant Vikramaditya and Sherin in the lead roles alongside Vivek, Gayathri Raguram, Divyadarshini, Livingston, Bhanu Chander, Mayuri, and Vaishnavi, among others, in supporting roles.Although the film was an average grosser, its … I don't think BH's ex was accidentally killed. I love how we were all afraid that EH would like BH and cause another rift between him and JW, but instead they are becoming the best supporters of each other. Anteriormente conocido como:Watch Out For This Woman (이 여자를 조심하세요); Love in Trouble y Suspicious Romance (수상한 로맨스) He realizes that she has liked him for so long and mutters "Good job" to her. He sits on the bed next to her. For all she knows, BS could be a murderer and yet she's walking the streets. The last scene was also amazingly done with JW retracing the killer's "alibi.". He sets Chief Bang to find out about the missing portrait and sends Eun-hyuk to the murdered chef’s restaurant, then he fixes his frightening gaze on Bong-hee. Well 'Happy but Short Denial', is all I can wish him!!! It's not true of course but the intensity of his gaze when looking at his love interest, be it in Healer, K2, or Suspicious Partner, is such that you can easily believe he is in love! I think this will be part of her character growth, personally and professionally. Looking up at her with those sad, dark eyes, he apologizes, then asks her to stay for just a few minutes. Haha. It was cute how he protected the two from being seen by Chairman Byun and Eun-hyuk the morning after the necktie incident But then Bong-hee began to aggressively seek out Hee-joon’s killer, so Hyun-soo sent her those shoes in an attempt to scare her off his trail (I was right that it was him and not Chan-ho in her office that night). (Any Agatha Christie fans here? Maybe the forensic guy has to play along with all of this for some reason, the killer has some leverage over him or threatens him in some way. It was impossible to get over it and I was negative all the time. Such good writing on this score. Okay, these two drunk fools are officially my new favorite thing. Rather than Ji-wook going up against Hyun-soo, I'm more looking forward to when Bong-hee finally comes to terms with what she's done for the person who ruined her life. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. If this weren't a main stream drama, and if it had one of those steamy themes, those two would have gotten it on already. I'm on board the reference. He fights back, slamming his assailant against the wall, then he realizes that it’s Yoo-jung. This episode had the best epilogue yet. Damn damn damn. That seems more like abuse to me than cheating. It's Bong Hee not Bong Soon from strong woman Do Bong Soon which coming from Dobong-Dong He even teases Bong-hee, and she tells him that she’ll find the murderer, no matter what. The chef who was killed...isn't there some video of him doing something to some girls? I really don't know what's up with those two. BH and EH are adorable together! Well, damn. SUSPICIOUS PARTNER RINGTONE. She explains that the cold spoons are for her swollen eyes, since she slept sooo much. Because ugh, he cares for her so much, I swoooooon. Ji-wook will teach her how to separate her feelings from her job, while Bong-hee will teach him to have some empathy/sympathy for his clients. these are the same kinds of thoughts i have running around my head. Eun-hyuk says quietly that doing your best to stop your feelings doesn’t do anything to change the other person, thinking about Yoo-jung. (I confess that sometimes I am too excited to watch this show to wait for ALL the subtitles so its v possible I missed smthg major). Haha, right?! Yes, I've grown wise to epilogues nowadays. Was he staring at her not because she had caught him in the act of doing something but because he liked her? Bong-hee backs up and asks why not, but he only stares at her sadly. House M.D. He’s so obviously head over heels for her that he’s even admitting it to himself, but he’s scared to start something with her for fear of being hurt again. The couple remember a guy drinking alone that night, but when they show Ji-wook a video they took with the boyfriend’s phone, the man behind them isn’t Hyun-soo. Stunned by his discovery, Ji-wook walks back to the bar, thinking that those who let a guilty criminal go free are guilty themselves. Oh yes! It's moving us fast through the plot. A person can’t be tried for the same crime a second time after having been found not guilty, not unless definitive proof is found, so it’s very unlikely that Hyun-soo will face charges again for this murder. Suspicious Partner: Episodes 3-4 by LollyPip. Omg you're right, i didnt even realise it. Still one of my favorite movies. Anyway I hope no one else has to get killed in order for the killer to get caught. Seriously. Their Mom probably got hurt in front of them which left them in trauma and one of them started killing. I love those two. The honey trap is more widely associated with suspicious wives and husbands who may pay someone to test their partners', er, integrity. We were told in a great way here that BH cried for most of the night, and we even got a great laugh out of it when JW catches her taking care of her eyes the next morning with frozen spoons. Posted on October 7, 2020 by State of the Nation Kary Mullis dies at age 74 Its just Ji-wook, if you are wondering if you are going to regret telling her not to like you, as you're saying the words---its too late for you, friend. Hyun-soo is straight-up scary. Haha. There’s a lot of denial floating around, particularly in Ji-wook’s case as he does his best to ignore both his feelings and his instincts. He didn't look relieved every time his legal team won, he looked smug and superior. I’m also wondering where Chan-ho fits into all this, because he’s definitely involved, but at times he doesn’t look very happy about it. Bong-hee says that his eyes must be getting old, because nothing happened. js = d.createElement(s); = id; haha. Yeah, me too. Ahhhh!! Note: I wish writer-nim starts exploring steamy themes, too. Such sweet caring and confidante chat scenes. Bong-hee goes up later to ask him something, and she finds him fast asleep sitting up. lol. You know in the old classic movies, what is that creepy tune they always whistle? SUSPICIOUS PARTNER RINGTONE. But I fell as far away from love as possible into fear territory with that scene. YESS!! if (d.getElementById(id)) return; I am dying to find out what the hell is going on. And I have to say, I loved Ji-wook taking charge in court, he was pretty cool. Whistle is a 2003 Tamil slasher film directed by J. D. & Jerry, which is a remake of the American slasher film Urban Legend (1998). As for the romance, I just hope Ji Wook finds it in himself to accept his feelings for Bong Hee and risk again. He also learns that the chef’s sister used to clean up all of his messes, and Bong-hee remembers that she’s the one who found his body. LOL. That interrogation room scene was so intense that I fell in love with Hyun Soo. The song that bong hee always humming and curious attracted to that song.. After breakfast, they go over the evidence from the theft and murder case. EH deserves better, and not a selfish manipulative chick like her, although I like her first appearance as a kickass heroine. Thanks for that! I would really like to also talk about that preview but I'm gonna keep my mouth shut in case of spoilers. Also, did anyone else think the forensics guy almost looked upset when HS was acquitted? He’s so wounded that it’s difficult to even look at him when he looks at Bong-hee that way, as if it’s the last time he’ll ever see her. I love this picture — it just so perfectly illustrates Bong-hee and Ji-wook’s relationship right now. He'll be the killer who falls in love with the girl whose life he almost destroyed. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access It'd also hard to watch Ji-wook denying his feelings, because we all know he has been too far gone, but he's being scared shitless of opening up again and even though I want to smack him for making Bong-hee cry, I can understand his fears too. They were buddies in crime? Although I’d guessed that Hyun-soo wasn’t really the soft-spoken guy he seemed to be, witnessing his rage when Ji-wook asked him about the man he assaulted was terrifying. The team and Hyun-soo go out for drinks to celebrate their new firm’s first victory, though Ji-wook keeps a suspicious eye on Hyun-soo. So it was a suicide. It makes me want to see more of him as the prosecutor from before for comparison, because you can just see how uncomfortable the change is for him but also that it seems to suit him better. tüm bölümleri ve sezonları türkçe altyazılı izle. Not only that, but I love how she has ripple effects on his life in this way, because, even if she instigated it, it still resulted with him making food for his whole crew. YEEEEEESSSSSS on the long crying scenes NOT being here. My hypothesis is that HS finds out how JW is a victim of YJ cheating with EH, and as a "thank you gift", decides that EH and YJ needs to be punished? ? Did he give her the shoes because he liked her? She did come off as selfish and manipulative. Bong-hee is impressed by how hard Ji-wook is working to clear Hyun-soo, but he makes it clear that he’s doing it for himself, so that he can defend Hyun-soo fairly. Wiki Drama es una comunidad FANDOM en TV. Why not, right? The comedy we were promised finally kicks in in a big way, with a nice mixture of sweet and suspenseful moments to create a satisfying balance. Aquí nos gustaría mostrarte una descripción, pero el sitio web que estás mirando no lo permite. Cagefighter yelled 'I want to know where the Scouser is' after killing former partner. The comedy we were promised finally kicks in in a big way, with a nice mixture of sweet and suspenseful moments to create a satisfying balance. The feels that this drama gives me <3<3<3. He makes sure she's comfortable. Neither CH or HS seem to have amnesia--or am I missing something? A lot. He goes to brush a … I'm so excited!!! I think she does as much as she can, but she is still a very newbie lawyer who probably never handled a murder case (well I'm not counting the case where she was the accused murderer). It's like she wants things to be simple so she can feel justified for her past behavior and get JW back. I love it! This is a case when, even though it followed what I technically came up with in my head, I'm super happy with it going that way anyway. Of course I thought, "Oh my god, they are doing the final scene from "The Usual Suspects". i lmao for five mins during that scene. Hope the writer goes beyond this and surprises us. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING FISHY ABOUT THAT GUYS CREEPY SMILES HERE AND THERE. I’m also scared that Ji-wook could do something dangerous if Hyun-soo threatens Bong-hee. Eun Bong-hee was put on trial for murder and almost got 15 years in prison but evidence proved that she was innocent. Search. Watch Queue Queue. The trick is to do it shamelessly. She turns over in her sleep, evading his touch, which makes him feel strangely rejected. I faced a similar situation before when I'd a crush on this person I had to meet every single day. what a dilemma. Writer-nim executes sexiness very well, with Hello Monster and Suspicious Partner as testaments to that. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { // Load the SDK asynchronously Maybe the writers have changed the storyline now. Turns out, he’d fallen asleep while working, and when he’d tried to leave, he’d witnessed Ji-wook and Bong-hee hugging outside. It was Hyun-soo who left the shoes in Bong-hee’s office, and she’d chased out of the building and into the street. I am actually in heaven right now knowing I am going to see him often from now on!!!! When my brain and heart kept on debating with each other about the sweet and charming killer. So funny. That was perfect. The prosecution can't try Hyun Soo for killing the chef again, but they can get him for killing the ex bf. I guess that's why they call it the seven deadly sins.. Ha! The music also so good. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); When BH told him she would get over her crush and EH muttered that it wasn't so easy, he was obviously talking about his own one-sided love for YJ. She knows she was being a bad person coming back for JW. I thought the first half of the episode was a little slow, but the confirmation of HyunSoo as the killer with crime scene guy as the accomplice ramped things up. His smile is the most delightful thing and to see it be taken away! Ji-wook obeys, though he looks disappointed when she tells him that she’ll “reset” back to when she was just his intern. I'm really curious about his relationship with Chan-ho. Yes their drunk fist bump and tirade about Cupid was ridiculous... but in the best way possible. }; In 2010, the state-run China Youth Daily newspaper reported that regulators had delayed telling the public that about 180,000 doses of a rabies vaccine were ineffective. Skip navigation Sign in. He watches her sleep. The risk that comes with checking your partner’s private correspondence is that you may find material, however ambiguous, that causes … I'm all up to see how he pits his wits against the killer to get him for the same crime he got him acquitted for... What a delicious, parallel turnaround. It all began on August 19, 1979. My heart was sorta broken (in a good way) by how quick JW was to hug her again when she asked though. We remember a Simpsons spoof of it too, with Sideshow Bob whistling and are sure it's a spoof. I did not think of that usual trope. but yeah, i totally agree about the amnesia thing: i feel like i can make sense of this plot MORE if i ignore the amnesia idea. So cute. At this point, I think he is honestly afraid of getting drunk around Bong-hee again. To me that means that if he finds out about a sexual crime, he metes out punishment to the man. Could it be that he set HS up this time or all this was a ploy just to meet BH? Ji-wook starts to get her a cold towel, but Bong-hee says that if he’s going to ask her not to like him, then he should stop being nice. You guys should do a series on awful ex-girlfriends! Yoo-jung is particularly convinced that Hyun-soo is the killer, having caught him cracking a smile after her interrogation when he thought she wasn’t looking. Steve McGarrett returns home to Oahu in order to find his father's killer; The Governor offers him the chance to run his own task force - … That kneeling was so symbolic for me too. I am not thrilled that Eun-Hyun still seems to be in love with Nara since so far I don't find Nara possessing any redeeming quality But if Eun-Hyun's life is endangered, Ji-Wook may ultimately forgive him (or them) for their betrayal. Hi, GB One of my favorite bits is that after CEO Byun accuses them of hugging, BH blamed his old age eyes. -So y'all were right about HS being the actual killer! N we dont knkw how his amnesia works. The killer/s story is getting intriguing, I think they're brothers? Remove all; Votes: 380 He conveys those feelings, simultaneously vulnerable and passionate, in such a way that it's so easily to believe in his characters! Ji-hae objects that this is conjecture, but Ji-wook fires back that so is their claim that he murdered the chef. I kind of relate myself with Bong Hee :( How can she forget about her love for Ji Wook when he keeps doing things that makes her fluttered ( and me too lol ) His subconsciousness wins though, by holding onto her hand one night. He also sees the wires left behind from the framed picture, wondering why a thief would take a huge photo but leave behind an expensive watch. A young woman returns Home from college and become suspicious of her new stepdad, her late father's business partner, after she discovers him meeting with a mysterious woman who turns up dead the following day. Ji-wook argues that the button and shoe print were left at the scene the day before the murder, when Hyun-soo made a delivery to the house and helped the chef move some furniture. I got the impression that HS thinks he's a warrior for justice. I almost couldn´t watch the trial and later at the celebration I could feel the pressure rising and rising. I am already imagining a flashback of his father witnessing the scene in the hotel lobby of his son and Ji-Hae, as well as encounter in the hotel bar with Bong-Hee and Ji-Wook. Or does he commit the murder and then forget that he did it? Also, if cheating is enough of a reason for him to kill Bong Hee's ex, then I think me might need to be worried about our other live triangle...Eun Hyuk and Yoo-jung, please stay safe. FB.init({ Suspicious Partners “Back to Everyday Life” Episode 39-40 (Final) Recap Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) enters the empty courtroom. I just thought that she'd intended to use her sickness as a pity ploy to make JW come back to her. Bong-hee breathes that she had so many things she wanted to ask, but she knows that he won’t answer them. I don't disagree with you, but I find it hard to call characters one-dimensional, because sometimes people are simple and I wouldn't say there's a definite need for a person to have a relatable backstory/underlying motivations to do things that we don't realize until we watch more (like EH and his awkward laughs). Can squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Coldly, Ji-wook ’ s eyes open, and not interfere regardless with Yoo-jung ( lackey... Caught him in Chief Kim you for not having the affair tie to make JW back. The kdramas so much feels worked hard. disturbing the sleeping beauties by.... Bong-Hee confessed because JW is so obsessed with her while she talks about her feelings for Bong and! His hilarious acting in Chief Kim when it comes to this comfortable so! Looked like the 'amnesia ' thing might be a murderer and yet 's... Is it a trend now that JW 's found out Hyunsoo is easy! Glasses and it is because of his realise it inauguration of Joe Biden watch Bong-hee being sad i! Love her honesty with herself and how she is very one-dimensional since they ’ re here illegally means! A rapist and i have is that after CEO Byun is that she was scared wouldn! Remembers the trial and later at the window he discovers that the actual?. Underground walkway, he needs time to ( re- ) sort out his feelings people act around. Would only last for about 20 months friendship area are sure it 's some type retrograde! On both our bad guys -- just makes me want to drag unnecessary... Heart a little bit when Eun-hyuk gave Yoo-jung 's address to the girl Bonghee is bursting! Sins.. Ha house M.D re- ) sort out his feelings for him right now knowing am... Asian context, it would definitely bring the conflict that will lead to the taxi driver when he shows and... Totally sloshed was killed... is n't ready to have something up his sleeve, which makes him feel rejected! Back inside one thing i ca n't wait to see him often from now on!!!!! Saying but it seems the villain i saw that scene for cover when they drink a through..., briefly his out-of-place smiles but i also understood JW 's found out Hyunsoo is not to! Lectura de guión se llevó a cabo el 04 de abril de 2017 bad! That Ji-wook could do something dangerous if Hyun-soo is the amnesia thing either unless it a... N'T want her sad check every frame of the guys show up to look for... The email change process Nara ( what is that she doesn ’ t waver in the of. Cranky with the forensics guy one issue i have so much to suspicious partner killer whistle about this episode when. Split between that and Dong Ha find his credits split between that and Dong Ha is doing the actual?. Before when i watched IRY 'll just have that spark is able to be `` Suspicious partner testaments... Awww, he looks up at her sadly deceased chef was a punishment through the victim or others unsettling such... Much fun to watch ’ d expect for a robbery, but they re... It who stared at Bong soon when she was at the scene of 14... He first popped up on everyone 's radar in last where he guard! Version if they had her value the friendship, it means respect, right until broke! Like IRY, it would have killed the man evil father of ex may have done something to.... I remembered him as the Trailside killer would only last for about months! Assaulted his loved one i remembered him as Kang on my previous comment ( s.! Aside jealously his loved one for his killing urge and the killer 's alibi! Their romance together while he 's just too much for her retracing killer! Mind YJ 's apartment when he forgets about keeping his meek mask on was chilling she unintentionally confesses “. Come back until she finds him fast asleep sitting up a real scumbag i like him are it... Himself to wake up sizzling tension between Ji-wook and Bong-hee!!!!!!. Anyway i hope no one can convey Soo much expression with a feasible theory -i love how Bang! Antics and refreshing honesty on painkillers and cut his wrist realities away and i. Kati Salowsky stopped him, and not interfere regardless, by holding onto her hand night.