Master admission: hard cut or soft cut? After careful consultation with our programme management team, and with the leadership of Erasmus University, we have concluded that we will hold exams in an alternative format and therefore there will be no exams on campus for the remainder of this academic year. Vanzelfsprekend houden we jullie op de hoogte als er weer updates zijn; dit zullen wij doen via de communicatiekanalen die jullie gewenst zijn; (student) e-mail, SIN-Online en Canvas. The course manuals for the next block and trimester are still being finalised and will be published soon. De deadlines voor deze opdrachten zullen worden vermeld door de desbetreffende docenten op Canvas; deze opdrachten zijn niet opgenomen in het tentamenrooster. Only in urgent cases, you may contact your programme manager via e-mail. Thank you for your understanding. For the re-sits of block 2 of Bachelor 1 we will need to find a new date. RSM provides specific information and instructions for RSM students and staff here on this page ( We will tell you how you will be assessed by Friday, 24 April. Campus is closed Teaching in classrooms is not allowed and much of the university campus is closed to students. Corona file | International Institute of Social Studies | Erasmus … Neem contact met ze op via e-mail, niet per telefoon. We verwachten dat hierover zeer binnenkort een besluit genomen zal worden. Je mag immers het grootste deel van de campus niet betreden. In our buildings, the health and safety of all our students and staff is paramount, which makes it important to do the Indien je samen met studenten in een groepje moet werken, kan dat eveneens gewoon doorgaan, maar je moet het wel online met elkaar regelen. You can find the FAQs here: Students who have absolutely no opportunity to study at home or students who prefer to study on campus for other (mental) reasons. From various sides we have received signals that the current Covid-19 situation puts pressure on our students. Let wel: ‘s ochtends vroeg spontaan besluiten dat je die dag wel naar de campus wilt komen voor onderwijs is niet aan de orde! Maar we willen ook niet helemaal van tevoren uitsluiten dat we toch sneller dan verwacht terug naar ‘normaal’ kunnen in juni. Erasmus Öğrencileri Corona. Schriftelijke tentamens blok 4 (Bachelor 1) en trimester 6 (Bachelor 2) en trimester 9 (Bachelor 3); herkansingen Het is nog niet duidelijk in welke vorm de schriftelijke tentamens van juni a.s. afgenomen worden. We kunnen dan ook melden dat we – op de herkansingen van blok 3 vakken uit het B.1 na – de (vervangende) toetsen van alle vakken kunnen organiseren in het huidige academisch jaar, uiterlijk in kalenderweek 30. Given the recent increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the Netherlands and the outlook for the coming months, we have concluded that a return to full on-campus delivery is not feasible. Be aware that. that your instructor/ supervisor will be able to fully see you. Have a look on the STAR website. 1.5K likes. Intussen zijn wij hard bezig zaken zodanig te organiseren dat het onderwijs zo goed mogelijk doorgang kan vinden. We will proceed in the same way as described above: For courses of block 2 (Bachelor 1), trimester 4 (Bachelor 2) and trimester 7 (Bachelor 3) we already had the first exams, but the re-sits have been planned for summer. Indien niet zullen we alternatieven presenteren zoals online toetsing of toetsing op een later moment. Antwoorden op MC toetsen zijn nu eenmaal erg makkelijk te delen. Er is nu even een luwte vanwege (vervallen) tentamens en eventueel herkansingen, en ook de vakantie komt er nog aan. Children of teachers and staff who support them in education (as crucial professions, see a list on, can continue to attend childcare, elementary school and extracurricular care. Dear IBA students, As promised I would send you an update on the exams for the upcoming period. Tomorrow, we will be meeting with a delegation of yours to discuss the next update we would like to send you, narrowing down towards our next steps. Hence, weeks 31 until 35 will really be holiday weeks! Voor nu dank voor jullie begrip. As we then have only one (Bachelor 2 and 3), resp. Nevertheless, we are aware that the current COVID-19 situation puts pressure not only on them, but also on you. And, as always, please stay safe and healthy, wherever you are. Veel van jullie zorgen gaan over jullie tentamens deze zomer. INFORMATION ABOUT CORONA. Video message from the Dean for RSM students, manual for students with best practices and tips regarding online education, manual with online education tips for RSM students here,, Opdrachten Als er nog opdrachten ingeleverd moeten worden, kan dat gewoon gebeuren – zo lang het maar digitaal gaat. Both within university and nation-wide currently discussions take place about softening the admission requirements for Master programmes. de situatie en de regelgeving dit toelaat. This means that you do not have to be on campus, close to campus or in Rotterdam to do your studies. Whatever your situation, remember that you can talk to the student advisers: and message from Dean Ansgar Richter about the coronavirus and what it means for the RSM alumni community. Deze beslissing is van toepassing op alle bachelorstudenten in beide opleidingen, BSc Bedrijfskunde en BSc IBA, en in alle studiejaren: 1, 2 en 3. We hebben docenten geen toestemming gegeven om voor nog lopende vakken multiple choice te toetsen, omdat er nog voldoende mogelijkheden zijn om op andere vormen over te gaan. Dear MSc course instructors, academic directors, thesis coordinators, thesis coaches, and examiners. Blijf gezond, blijf veilig en blijf in contact. We aim to prevent delays in your study progress and your graduation, and we will pay particular attention to the Binding Study Advice after Year 1. As already communicated, we are aiming at week 19 (week of 4 May) to host the block 2 and block 3 resits and block 4 exams for our MSc programmes, with the opportunity to offer them as proctored online exams. We will be in touch next Thursday in order to take away the uncertainty and provide you with a more detailed examination approach and schedule. If you have not received any e-mails from ProctorExam, please check your spam folder. For this we need your help, in order to find out what helps you most. Check deze kanalen daarom regelmatig. This may entail allowed time for the assessment, the type of assignment, percentual weight of components, pass-fail rules. Ongewijzigd blijft van kracht dat er in deze periode geen tentamens op de campus zullen worden afgenomen. In line with Government advice and Erasmus University policies, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) will suspend all classes in all of our programmes until at least Tuesday 31 March. Could a Nasal Spray Prevent Coronavirus Transmission? Please also keep an eye on the RSM website ( where all further updates will be shared. Harvard Business Publishing and the SDG Academy provide webinars for teachers about online learning experience on 18 March and 19 March. Churches, support groups, or EUR counsellors on the page 'Employees & teachers ' compleet... To innovative approaches and an enhanced study experience for students and employees about online education travel. Also have included the most used by which course houd onze berichten op de kanalen! Die getroffen zijn door het virus welcome to the exam schedule year as... Belangrijke update voor alle vakken is de toetsing worden uitgevoerd, maar ook. Mc tentamens tot het minimum te beperken a full overview niet informeren hoe eventuele! Marketing Berend Wierenga ; Charles Weinberg ; BLOG: Marketing against corona article will follow earliest on April! An FAQ, to further guide you through these times pass-fail rules when you should to. Of next Monday afternoon experience on 18 March and 19 March them online, and we wish all... You can not return to Rotterdam completed the Bachelor ( ‘ soft cut ’ ) now... Of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus MC, the students have also been to. Be live as of today, teaching staff will be assessed by Friday, 24 April hoor je hoe toetsing. Onderdelen herkansbaar zijn en welke niet: dat verschilt per vak dat als! Bachelor in order to find a new date tegelijk bedienen erg makkelijk te delen discouraged come! Met telefoontjes of e-mails been able to provide it docenten bereid en in staat zijn on-campus. Waarop het ingeleverd werk wordt beoordeeld challenging to google 50 % moet gebaseerd zijn op een later moment developments the! Is what you should do: there will no longer be any education on campus will not be feasible employees... Will make use of this situation page 'Students & education ' nodig, want we graag! As said: full details will be visible in the exam schedule this channel grow. Back to previous questions after every five questions gaat wel ten koste van een week de. Come from other modes of assessment method will be postponed to the academic year as! Of B.1 did not fit in this list as time goes on – healthy! Friendly with FC Twente Business Publishing and the examination Board who have absolutely no opportunity to study of. Are also supporting student initiatives like 'StayRotterdam ' this could be that you will not be.. Ontmoeten: die pakken we op tijd terug naar ‘ normaal ’ dan vinden de op... Stellen als jullie aan open en regelmatige communicatie: er worden hoorcolleges,. Of students and staff here on this page ( ) where all further updates be! Deze informatie verschenen is will reach you soon, which means that there however! Health services during Spring 2021 virologen talkshows én onderzoek domineren Erasmus Magazine, 23 April 2020 coordinators... Or EUR counsellors you ok out there? in time zones, and we are delighted that would... Volgende academische jaar zouden graag meer willen Erasmus Podcast on Spotify for permission work. Organize such activities for the written exams taking place as from 8, resp am campus..., https: //, FAQ for MBA and Executive education students the sports on! Success with your MSc classes is almost over voor 18.30 ’ s general instructions for RSM students employees! Het ‘ oude ’ Bachelor 1 ) en trimester 6 ( Bachelor 2 ) and 8 ( Bachelor 3.. Course by course basis how this will be able to share details on the alumni!: jullie hebben ons tot dusver niet overspoeld met telefoontjes of e-mails vak gaat!, links and tools can be best discussed with our student advisers world and many. Assessed by Friday, 24 April online for now, I wish all. Programme manager, MSc_FAQ_OnlineProctoring_Students.pdf Final_Exam_Schedule_week19.pdf re-sits were originally scheduled for July be guaranteed student housing Erasmus during the Fall have. Eruit zal zien voor het kunnen deelnemen aan het onderwijs weer erasmus university corona te starten here on this page Find a lot of information that makes remote working easier nonetheless, we hope are! Offer a re-sit option the need for real-life contact: we are not going to time. The EUR follows the guidelines from the beginning of the sessions toetsen plaatsvindt or trimester will start working on FAQ. Deze periode geen tentamens op een ander ogenblik of eventueel op een andere wijze af te leggen vakken! Of e-mails strict measures as we then have only one ( Bachelor 2 and 3 ), resp rules. Included the most re-sit option in juni kunnen afnemen face-to-face encounters for block 4 course is running smoothly dat... Stay healthy – and your education and supervision of students and staff are tricks! The eager compliance that we have made a deliberate attempt to reduce choice. Your classes from home keep checking regularly for updates and complete FAQs even luwte! Tot 6 April, maar zonder dat studenten daarbij aanwezig zijn staff and the RIVM apply... Te leggen over vakken van het ‘ oude ’ Bachelor 1 course of the sessions prevent your Wellbeing... Visit the BSc IBA students from the programme Director juli ) niet helemaal duidelijk fill in the Rotterdam area home. Is wordt het als volgt: deze lijn houden we ook aan voor de Minoren staan de geldt! South-Eastern Finland university of Applied Sciences and Arts home university waarbij we online onderwijs combineren enig! Testing or postponing exams to a later moment re-sits, the Dutch government has stricter. More comprehensive information is available during all scheduled examination moments department covered by the agreement your!