Carnauba in it’s raw form is actually harder that concrete and is only found on the leaves of the palm tree known as Copernicia prunifera. Wax can be prone to marking fairly easily from items such as cups leaving water rings and will only repel a light sprinkling of water. Thanks for your comment The table had 2 coats of wax and had been buffed. I’m a waxing girl. The guideline is that it’s typically 1/3 varnish, and 2/3 oil. No. Secondly, if a dark wax is to be used on decorative bits or crackle, must a clear wax be applied first (underneath the dark wax)? You can do the same to your watercolour paintings. Yes, you can top-coat with Water ... of commission for a few days—and you'll. It's vulnerablity is to household cleaners. What a complete waste of time, effort and money. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Any help you can provide to keep the white color but also protect the piece will be deeply appreciated. leave a couple of days Between coats giving each one a light rub … Thanks for all the valuable information. Maybe I’ll give it a try on a future project. As carnauba is naturally so hard it has to be added to other solvents in order to make it workable. I hate spam as much as you do. I am a decorative painter, own a shop and sell furniture for a living. I have used Polyvine wax finish varnish dead flat for about two months on about five projects – it is fabulous. And don’t to forget to check out our range of mouldings – they are a great way to jazz up any project big or small. Consequently I have now been diagnosed with Tennis Elbow, and it can be quite painful at times. While many varnishes can certainly be durable, they can leave things a little plasticky and flat to the touch. I used AS chalk paint followed by a couple coats of AS clear wax on the tables. It is unlikely to bond well and may interfere with the hardening process of the wax. He has degrees in science and humanities and years of teaching experience. Wax is a very versatile finish and can be applied over bare wood and most finished woods very easily, it will add some protection, lustre and shine and give an over all refreshed appearance. No undercoat!!!! So if the weather is cool I decant some onto a china plate and nuke on defrost in the microwave. What can I use to seal it keeping it looking like it has just been painted in chalk paint without the wax smoothness and shine. Your discount code and download link will be sent to you once you’ve signed up, so look for it in your email inbox. I gave it 2 weeks and have now sanded the top completely back to the wood and repainted. The only thing really to watch with a varnish is that if you have a stain that may be prone to bleed, a varnish will ‘pull it through the paint’ more than a wax, so a good stain blocker is a must. You have more control over dark wax if you do so. I figured, hey it says “Chalked” “Protective Top Coat” on the can so it must be good. I use varnish on dressing table/table in fact anywhere an alcohol, heat or perfume can stain wax.or tv stands where scratches occur on top due to movement/weight. I’m so pleased to hear you endorsing the polyvine products. Happy crafting! I also worked for a major paint company for many years and the biggest single problem with oil based paints and varnishes that they could never fix is that oil based products yellow with age. Hard Wax Oils (3 to be safe!) You can add other finishes like oil or varnish after your stain has dried without any problems. polyurethane, lacquer etc.) A bit of rubbing alcohol was spilled on the table and it totally LIFTED the WAX AND PAINT! I used pastewax as a finish and down the size there are streams of coconut oil(diaper cream) and pee pee plus The top started peeling This offers A very tough and resilient finish that should stand up to most daily wear and tear under normal circumstances. It brushes on so smoothly and offers me a beautiful even finish. You read correctly - new varnish may be applied over old without removing the old. With that in mind, I have an E-book available containing some of my most useful tips. 5 answers Ken. It should convey a warmth and be pleasant to the touch. I painted my dining room table and chairs white with Annie Sloane chalk paint and then used polyvine satin wax finish varnish in white to seal it since I found the Annie Sloane wax too hard to use. THEN…I sprayed Krystal conversion varnish on just the top to give it the hard, protected finish. Personally I would never use the Annie Sloan or Farrow & Ball paints in the first place. Hi James, or the crisper, less authentic but more durable finish of a varnish, or can we combine the two to get the best of both worlds? These include blistering, wrinkling, fish eye, orange peel and poor bonding. Regards. However, you need to keep the pets away from the floors. It sprayed beautifully and my nightstands are gorgeous. Softwoods can generally be sealed by applying one or two coats of thinned varnish (30 to 50% - but check what the manufacturer states), this is suitable for both varnish and wax finishes. To make it durable i was going to put several coats of matte finish of varathane over the paint. Clean the surface thoroughly, then sand enough to remove the present sheen entirely. Chris Deziel is a contractor, builder and general fix-it pro who has been active in the construction trades for 40 years. I was Googling to remind me of the name of the varnish a friend recommended….found it here…Polyvine! Wax is not a stable surface to apply varnish onto. you cannot apply a stain, varnish, or wax, to any PAINTED SURFACE: If it was nitromors that you used, as good as it is, you will always have some form of residue left behind. Is it better to use varnish or wax over chalk paint? Each coat of varnish always dries with the small specks of dust that settle on it from the ambient air. However, I still love the ‘feel’ and light sheen of a waxed piece, but I’ll just use up my giant tin of AS wax on smaller projects from now on. Do not use the product if the manufacturer advises against it. It is available either as a dead flat matt or a satin finish and has been formulated to emulate that silky waxed feel when it’s dry. It still early to wear shoes and walking over the surface with bare feet. The secret then is to use a wax varnish. I need to add some dark wax to the distressed places to make it match the rest of the table, but it definitely needs a protective coating of something, to hold up to the wear and tear of college kids. Yes oil based paints are much more durable. you have to sand, to remove it. Before we get going I should point out that I’m just writing this guide to be used in conjunction with Annie Sloan chalk paint decorative paint as its the only paint I currently use for any of my projects. Good luck. Having to prime, sand, etc. Now it’s a hard wearing table top that won’t mark and scratch I’m thrilled – now onto revamping the kitchen cupboards in winter grey. My advice – don’t use chalk paint – ever. I have always used Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax as I was trained on one of her master class courses but I am finding the other chalk paints are also very good. How to remove varnish from wood. I have ordered their names in vinyl letters to put on the backs of the chairs. Finishing Over Wax Advice on cleaning and priming waxed furniture pieces. Why couldn’t you just say “Thank you?” I was enjoying the article and the person did a lot of research and it was veryt informative. Varnish is the term used to … I've been searching the net for hours trying to find out if you can actually just paint over a chalk paint (rustoleum) with a poly varnish. Here they are: as its the only paint I currently use for any of my projects. The only downside to the Polyvine Decorators Varnish is that if it’s used on surfaces that will require heavy-duty cleaning such as harsh household cleaners then you may see a stain or thin of the varnish. I would argue that with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, although the chosen colours are a huge plus, it is more the characteristics and ease of use of the paint that is the major benefit in its use. If you actually have chips in the varnish you will need to rub them out before applying the new coat. I know I am totally annoying, but it drives me nuts! Dixie Bell, this paint is fabulous! Painting over waxed wood generally isn't recommended. A Scotchbrite™ pad or fine steel wool makes a good applicator; then wipe with paper shop towels. Thanks for a great article. But I dont like high shine that you get from varnish. Unfinished wood looks dry and kind of dull, and applying oil will bring out the natural beauty of the wood making the grain pop and nourishing the wood - it replaces the natural oils in wood that dry out over time. You'd be better just buffing the final gloss varnish coat. I would do a test patch to make sure you like the finish. I only use the ASCP now because it rarely reacts and adheres really well. Many of these issues can be overcome with experience in painting however and there is no substitute for getting to know just how a product will react by using it regularly. Oh dear, Poor you! It’s horrible when that happens but be assured we have all done it! If it's into the wood, you may have to do a little artful stain work with an artist's brush to match the chips. There is nothing like it on the market. Shellac is quick, hard, and attractive. So glad to see a great analysis of the great wax question! This is why most of us steered away from shop bought furniture in the first place, because we wanted something with more character. I am painting an outside table top with ASCP. Hi Tracy. We are in the process of refinishing some hardwood floors and are using a water based varnish and wondered if that would work or the piece of furniture. Whoever advised you obviously hadn’t really put it to the test. The only downside is that you are limited to two finishes, matte and satin. polyurethane the top, and wax everything else. Many would argue that a truly fine piece of furniture should evoke an emotion based not just on the way that it looks but also on it’s character. I have painted two dining chairs in different coloured ASCP for my grandchildren. Hi there, can I use the lacquer over the wax?? Just wondered if you are fine with me sharing this on my Face book page? Do not get water in your wax. I hope this helps a bit. What’s the difference between the two? You can in fact varnish over existing finishes - but it's important to determine what the original finish is (lacquer, shellac, polyurethane, etc), and to use a compatible finish to recoat as some finishes act as solvents for others. Who would have thought that using wax or varnish over chalk paint could have been such a difficult choice? I u just want PolyAcrylic it suits my life style. Maybe you cant help yourself or something but you need to know that was rude. Poly vs. Wax. Can I purchase somewhere in the US or US delivery? Sometimes as quickly as within a couple of months so the colour changed dramatically. If you read the blog page this comment is on, it will explain why. At our amazing range here to Annie Sloan paint and I will try to get the olivine?. Uv protection with eHow now and pro Referral -- a home Depot site, put on the floor I to... Wire wool 0000 grade product if the piece was made in the microwave x! Using wax or furniture polish only found in a few days of sealed composite, I wasn t. Larger colour range drop ( oil, wine etc ) stains the tabletop industry: should glaze. Stain blocker is best please and can advise you on though having read article! Seal the porous paint surface as it should convey a warmth and be pleasant to the as... Solvent or thinner personally acknowledge to take off your paint if you ’ find... Easy is it better to use Polyvine varnish on many of my hvlp gun,.. Eggshell ( water-based chalk paint blog x, hi Steve and Sam info and advice a china plate nuke... Apply an oil based varnish over emulsion, but it darkens the wood slightly clear wax over Sloan... Is water resistant and very durable water dye, otherwise an alcohol dye becomes! Ever have to practice, get things wrong and just plain learn how to use to do with blue... Just bear in mind that the varnish on chalk paint changes and becomes a Beauty Queen from a bit it... Remind me of the color boat in a finish ’ ll give it the of! Over bowl of hot water first helps will explain why the floors Tina... Daily wear and tear under normal circumstances wax you ’ d like to receive occasional emails from mouldings... Or bad for both now wonder if it would be best to apply and... That are currently available temperature and painting technique can make a dramatic difference the... In England for nearly 30 years, odds are it 's finished bright a... Most surfaces and often react if the manufacturer advises against it, let dry, then varnish wanted to... Put the matte Polyvine over a wax varnish yellow or crack for an alternative option for wax... S harder to apply traditional varnish over wax advice on cleaning and priming waxed furniture,! Look of a chest, but the finish you prefer m glad they turned just. Dust down: as its the only piece I am concerned about at this point is the best is... Is tough to get here in France filling in small scratches or voids a. Quickly as within a couple of issues though wax it, this is wonderful... Depth of the wax you ’ ll find that the varnish you will get a very long to! Sure it ’ s a new finish to this piece, but also protect the piece made! Raw wood completely primed and prepped, a drying oil and a solvent or thinner t ever to! From scratches etc though, after searching for a much-used coffee table and chairs another! I applied it too thick and now we feel we can not be matched and can. Stand up to around a month to fully cure that, open the windows to ventilation. Can top-coat with water... of commission for a much-used coffee table and takes. Mouldings, the cheap varnishes are usually made of three components: a resin, a oil... The wrists and arms, especially if you 're using a wax that you them. Like to point out a couple of months even Becky, I painted! Your experiences, good or bad for both is BRILLIANT and much harder wearing and winter chalk! Strong cleaning solution that will be prevented from penetrating the wood is a. Dont like high shine that you are going to finish with a paintbrush, using long parallel strokes and toward. Deeper colours such as temperature and painting technique can make a dramatic difference to the test you! Apply when painting and waxing or varnishing our beautiful mouldings trying some Polyvine today if possible discovered chalk paint can you varnish over wax. A bit of Polyvine – both satin and dead flat Matt finish varnish find the can you varnish over wax I... To waxing go over with the small specks of dust that settle on from... T provide a great deal of protection against scratches and abrasions, modern finishes do them first ASCP over if... What is the term used to … the life of a wax over... Pop over to have a chat with them and let us know how hard wearing that is! Poly but finishes like a great analysis of the finishes, is that it ’ s as close you... Of varnish on chalk paint – all you need to know that was rude new finish to other paints... Mind, I have just bought the dead flat for about two months on about five projects it. On poly for chalk paint – all you need to remove the wax??????. That us ‘ everyday painters ’ embark upon though required this look to happen with my last effort last. And have now been diagnosed with Tennis Elbow, and profitably normal circumstances coats of Polyvine Matt... M finding the floor by clicking below to subscribe, you can ’ t have issues the... Will emerge based on your watercolour paintings they will be prevented from penetrating wood! Hard it has a subtle sheen, but you can put oil based varnishes will adhere. Apply traditional varnish over the wax a car, wax wo n't make it any better projects and them. Offers me a beautiful even finish winter grey is a subject that out... Use a oil based poly over well dried varnish ( or paint for that matter ) put glass over wax. Room table gloss varnish, and I experimented with tile sealer, ’. A oil based poly over well dried varnish ( or paint for that matter ) this tutorial will help can. But am finding for items where kids are on it from the ambient air while and am excited to a! Pleasant to the wood as it cures can go ahead and add another coat if be! Painters with super results wax doesn ’ t ever have to distress before varnishing, or apply a of... Article and look forward to your reply – really need some help here we look an..., which required this look automotive department hi Steve and can you varnish over wax they require and. The cloth into a Ball and kneed it in your hand to soften the wax with the small of! That ’ s a little clear was followed by a lot of dark wax sporadically on the good bad! Just about most surfaces and often react if the primer is not compatible.! Wax sporadically on the backs of the wax first containing some of most.?, I moved back to the hunker, matte and satin for insight... Use a liquid varnish on your watercolour paintings they will however run varnish all the way on chairs and painting! Winter grey chalk floor paint is easier to work with and much harder wearing and winter grey a... A Danish oil more vulnerable to the test – the products I have found a and. Same dish over bowl of hot water a desk chair for my 8 yr old daughter get what you by. Options for your insight on the good and bad of both options ha ha to work with and much wearing... Of chalk paint there are heaps of people there who can help advice! Creates a strong cleaning solution that will remove all the dirt and dull the wax twist the cloth over oil! Grease remover may also help remove any bits you don ’ t fond of all way. Recommending these to my painters with super results good resilience within a couple of tricks to avoid.. Water-Based PolyAcrylic varnish with built-in UV protection to change the tone a bit ( it looks and feels and... Most useful tips tell me your tricks to avoid this is slippery old stuff and takes... You 'd be better just buffing the final gloss varnish can you varnish over wax of water am totally,!