Covid-19 Update – urgent

27th January 2021


Dear Member


DCMS have asked us to provide up-to-date intelligence on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

I need some hard numbers to support the arguments with which you will all be familiar and would be grateful if you could let me have, as soon as possible, the answers to the following questions and no later than Friday.  

If you run more than one business in the different Divisions of bacta can you separate out your answers for each please. 

All information will be treated in the strictest confidence and used only to supply aggregated information to Government.


  1. Which bacta Division(s) are you in?
  2. My company is based in (state either England/Scotland/Wales/National):
  3. For each of your business sectors can you please indicateAnnualised fall in Turnover:
    Annualised fall in number of employees:
    Continuing monthly costs as a percentage of normal:
  4. Have you received any grant funding from your local council?
  5. If yes can you please indicate from which scheme?
  6. Can you indicate if you have closed any of your businesses or plan to do so?


Kind regards,