COVID-19 Update

1st October 2020


Dear Member



  • Amongst the plethora of local measures this week the lockdown in Caerphilly has been extended by seven days and Liverpool, Teeside/Middlesborough, Hartlepool and Warrington have joined the northern lockdown.  This includes no more than one household permitted to mix inside, which will continue to hit the pub sector in particular very badly.
  • We have learnt today that the already fragile machine income in pubs is down by nearly a third due to the 10 p.m. curfew according to CLMS.  We will be feeding this into all the Governments of the UK to illustrate just how counterproductive the curfew measure continues to be. 
  • Please could  I ask all members to continue writing to their elected official on the impact of the lockdown measure Governments have introduced.  Machine suppliers in particular can’t take any more blows like this one without additional support.



Campaign on Preparing for Points-Based System.  The Government has launched a campaign to remind UK businesses that, from 1 January 2021, employers will need to be a licensed sponsor to hire people from outside the UK. Becoming a sponsor normally takes eight weeks and fees apply so to be able to employ people from outside the UK on 1 January, businesses need to apply to be a licensed sponsor now. As a licensed sponsor, businesses will be able to employ workers from anywhere in the world, provided they meet certain eligibility requirements. The following link is to the campaign website which contains a wide range of resources for businesses to allow them to do this, including videos on the new immigration scheme and how to become a sponsor. It also allows you to sign-up to receive email updates on the new immigration scheme



The Gambling Commission this week published its response to their consultation on VIP Schemes.  Whilst aimed principally at the on-line sector and land-based ‘high rollers’, the wording of the proposed changes to the LCCP were in our view too loose and on a pedantic and overly-zealous interpretation of the new Rules, could capture simple cash matches and a gift of a box of chocolates to a customer on their birthday.  If this were the case then a whole range of regulations around affordability and KYC kick in.  This would be wholly inappropriate and disproportionate but members are advised to check the new LCCP SR Code provisions against anything they currently do to minimise the risk of becoming inadvertently caught up in the requirements.  Here is a link to the new LCCP Code and associated guidance.


Kind regards,


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