Covid-19 Update

21st September 2020


Dear Member


You will have no doubt have heard the news over the weekend and briefings today in London and Edinburgh.  Further national restrictions on businesses are likely to be announced this week.  From the First Minister’s comments in Scotland this lunchtime it looks like Governments are trying to take a four nation approach, but as we have seen there have been unhelpful variances in approach in the past.  We will hear over the next couple of days what those measures are.  It looks like hospitality will be in the frame.

We have been working over the weekend on registering with Ministers in England, Scotland and Wales,  the impact of Covid-19 on the sector and the potential impact any further restrictions will have.

Can I say to all members that it is vital that you robustly implement bacta’s and Government’s guidance.  I had reports over the weekend of some arcade operators taking a less than diligent approach to test and trace.   Whilst it is important that any approach works for your business there is a clear obligation to try to capture as many contact details as you possible can.  We cannot, as a sector, leave ourselves open to criticism as it makes it easier for Government to justify tighter restrictions on our sector.


Kind regards,



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