Covid-19 Update

15th September


Dear Member



England – Track and Trace.  Further to my Update on Friday I am still unable to give members definitive answers to the question does the mandatory requirement to request contact details apply to arcades.  All enquiries point to the answer being ‘yes’ and members are advised to proceed on that assumption.  The second question as to what constitutes a ‘request’ is still unclear.  We may not have clarity until the Regulations are laid on Friday, the day the new law will apply, which isn’t at all helpful.  We are pushing all our contacts to see if we can get any further information before then. 

The NHS track and trace app will shortly go live for customers.  One member set it up as it is available for businesses to access currently, it didn’t work!  Nevertheless, this may prove to be a simple way to meet the new T&T requirements whether or not human intervention is required.


Redundancy situation

Government is keen to understand the impact of Covid-19 on jobs in the sector.  It will help inform the decision making around any on-going support for business.  I would be really grateful if you could just respond to this email with a quick response to the following questions. The information will only be used to generate a rough aggregate figure from the employment figures we already have for the industry as a whole.

  1. Which bacta Division are you in?
  2. Have you made any one in your business redundant due to Covid-19?
  3. If yes what percentage of your workforce is affected?
  4. Do you plan to make any people redundant from your business in the coming months?
  5. If yes what percentage of your workforce is affected?


Many thanks and if you have any further observations on the market please do let me know.


Kind regards,


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