Daily Coronavirus Webinar: Local leadership in a time of crisis

22nd July 2020


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Please see the link below in order to join today’s CBI webinar on local leadership in a time of crisis

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Join Josh Hardie (Deputy Director-General, Policy and Campaigns, CBI), Rajesh Agrawal (Deputy Mayor of London for Business), and Councillor Judith Blake (Leader, Leeds City Council) to hear key insights on how local authorities are working with business through the pandemic, including:



·     What actions local authorities are taking to ensure public confidence and support businesses reopening

·     How local governments are preparing for potential new outbreaks and “lightning lockdowns”, from restrictions on travel, non-essential retail and social gatherings to limitations on access to outdoor public spaces and other premises

·     How business can work with local authorities to prevent future outbreaks, and drive a post-COVID-19 local recovery.


This webinar will be chaired by James Harding (Co-founder and Editor, Tortoise Media).

22 July 2020

10:00 – 10:45 BST




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