Carolyn Harris MP Chooses GSP Community Regeneration Partnership for £1k Donation

Carolyn Harris, MP for Swansea East has nominated GSP Community Regeneration Partnership, to receive £1,000 donated by the trade body bacta, which represents seaside arcades, piers and related attractions.


The GSP is a partnership that invites residents and organisations active in the area to work together, to look at the needs of the area and make it a better place to live.

The Partnership provides activities and a warm, friendly environment for those who need it in the area.

Carolyn Harris, the MP for Swansea East said: “Every year, I run a Summer Lunch Club out of the Pavilion in Jersey Park to help feed local children who would otherwise go hungry across the summer break. GSP are the group that run the Pavilion but with many of the local businesses that support them and the Club struggling themselves, and with the Pavilion unable to run their usual buy and sell shop and café to fund their charitable work, it’s been a difficult time. Bacta have been a friend to the Pavilion in the past, giving the kids a trip to the seaside and helping fund their Easter egg hunt, and I’m absolutely delighted that they were willing again to step in with this generous donation to help keep projects like the Summer Lunch Club going despite the crisis. Swansea is a seaside community with a rich heritage, in which bacta’s seafront members play a big part, and I’m glad that when it really matters, the community can pull together to support those most in need. I want to thank bacta’s members for their generosity and wish them all the best as we work our way out of this crisis together.”

David Lloyd, Director GSP Community Regeneration Partnership says, “Our premises have been closed since before the lockdown and we are hoping to open up in some form in late July perhaps. While we don’t expect to be able to open as normal, we are hoping to start the Summer Lunch Club and bacta’s donation will really help. For a number of years, we have had the Summer Lunch Club operating from the Pavilion, working very closely with Carolyn Harris MP. I am not sure local businesses will be in a position to fund this year’s event, so your donation will enable us to put this event on again this year.”

Bacta launched its Siding With the Seaside (#sidingwiththeseaside) campaign last year in order to support the seaside communities served by their members and to highlight the lack of government investment that threatens the precious heritage in many seaside towns.

Bacta CEO John White says, “The situation was already serious for many seaside towns whose communities have suffered through lack of employment and local investment. However, when we went into lockdown just before the Easter holidays, the position became far more serious as local businesses were forced to shut and the seasonal trade, which is so vital, was lost. Our members made a total of £23,000 available to give to seaside charities via the MPs who we have got to know through our seaside campaigning work and who are best placed to know who would benefit most.”

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