9th April 2020


Dear Member




There is not a lot of news from today other than we are hearing that the Job Retention Scheme Portal will open on 20th April.  As soon as details are published we will circulate them.


On the lobbying front, the Welsh Government is considering ours (and others’) request to extend their Business Rates Relief Scheme to explicitly cover Amusement Arcades as is the case in England. 


We are also pressing hard to get Government to advise Local Authorities to be helpful in setting fees for Premises Licences. They should reduce the fee proportionally by reference to the time premises are closed. 


A number of members have asked me about deferral of MGD.  You can do this but you must contact HMRC and request deferral under the Time to Pay Scheme. 


Coin Slot has asked me to remind members that you can now subscribe to their digital copy.   To do so please email and provide the following information:



Job Title

Email Address




The daily news service continues at


Please keep the feedback coming especially on your experiences of the Government Schemes and the performance of the banks in getting money to you. 


Finally, please don’t forget to follow us on Twitter@bactauk


I hope everyone has a safe and pleasant Easter in the circumstances. 


Kind regards




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