Organisers hail success of EAG 2020

With the dust now settled on the ExCel Centre, EAG has reported the record-breaking 2020 exposition drew hugely positive responses from operators, suppliers, manufacturers and visitors, all praising the “enjoyable and productive show.” Organiser Karen Cooke and EAG chairman Martin Burlin talk to Coinslot about the three days.


The organisers of EAG International have reported overwhelmingly positive feedback from exhibitors and visitors to this year’s show, with the event’s fresh rebrand and wide-ranging outlook allowing the industry to truly get a sense of how the year ahead will look.

With redemption making a significant impression, alongside the latest digital and analogue cabinets, and a whole host of cashless solutions, EAG 2020 again demonstrated just how much the UK industry has to offer, in terms of innovation, tradition, and amusement.

“The level of energy at this year’s EAG International was almost palpable, with many exhibitors and visitors going out of their way to confirm that they had an enjoyable and productive show,” said organiser Karen Cooke.

“This year’s event featured the highest number of new exhibitors in the show’s history and the newly rebranded event attracted visitors from more than 70 countries; a new record for EAG International.”

The show’s new rebrand saw the EAG net spread wider than ever before, attracting new segments of the amusement world keen to explore just how much the industry has to offer.

Though new arrivals and fresh ideas were a hallmark of EAG 2020, Cooke noted that – when it comes to showcasing potential – all tastes were served by the diverse range of stands.

“With a balance of new technology and the latest releases of traditional favourites, I think it’s fair to say that the show can guarantee innovative products and business tools for every out-of-home leisure and entertainment business.”

With technology increasingly bringing innovation direct to the customer’s pocket, one notable focus of this year’s show was the response by manufacturers and suppliers alike to provide unique, immersive experiences only available in the arcade and FEC.

Virtual Reality took a significant leap forward, with both Instance and Harry Levy showcasing VR rides no longer reliant on attendants standing by. Though time will still tell how the technology balances innovation with reliability, the queues for the rides were a clear demonstration of VR’s potential.

Digital continued the growth of its hold on the gaming sector, though analogue still made a strong case for its inclusion as a formidable banker, while the show abounded with cashless systems offering intuitive, smart and customisable options for operators of all sizes.

However, unsurprisingly it was traditional redemption that made the biggest impression at this year’s show, expanding its presence at the ExCel on last year, with brightly coloured pushers, cranes and shooters entertaining visitors as far as the eye could see.

The presence of social responsibility tools was prevalent around the hall, the industry very clearly in tune with the message of SR at the forefront of its offering. Next year, expect that to be a dominant feature on British gaming products.

And cashless made an indelible mark too, not least through the industry-backed Yalp project. Amid the enthusiasm of the first wave launches both at EAG last week and most likely at ICE in a fortnight, chatter in the networking areas at ExCeL suggest it’s worth putting a punt on payment systems taking a dominant role on the showfloor next year.

But the last word goes to the man in charge of overseeing the show – it’s 11th to date. Talking to Coinslot, chair Martin Burlin said: “EAG 2020 had a great feel about it. The number of exhibitors, with whom I spoke, confirmed that they were very pleased with the quality of the visitors, who were placing orders. I also received a number of positive comments on the new branding.”


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