Tourism Alliance Recognises the Importance of the Seaside In its Manifesto

The Tourism Alliance, which represents  bacta and other leading trade associations and destination management organisations, has released its ‘Tourism 2020 and Beyond Report’.


The report highlights 12 key policies for maximising the benefits of tourism – which is one of the UK’s largest and most successful industries, generating £146bn per annum, employing 3.1m people and delivering £26bn per annum in export earnings.

The twelve key policies are:

  • Delivering Sustainable Tourism
  • Providing World-Class Service
  • Reforming Business Rates
  • Making Taxation Work
  • Getting Tourism Structures and Support Right
  • Creating Sustainable Destinations
  • Investing in Rural and Seaside Areas
  • Using ETAs to Boost Tourism
  • Maximising Educational Tourism
  • Protecting Our Heritage
  • Improving Transport
  • Ensuring Tourism Accommodation is “Safe and Legal”

John White, CEO of bacta commented, “It’s great to see the congruence between this report and our Siding with the Seaside campaign that has been well received by MPs over the summer. Bacta has been calling for the regeneration of seaside towns, including investment in transport, addressing car parking charges and reducing the tax burdens for amusements to protect the seaside heritage. We are very grateful that the Tourism Alliance has taken this on board.”

Kurt Janson Director of Tourism Alliance said, “I think that there is a good opportunity coming up to campaign for greater investment in seaside and rural areas on the basis of making tourism more sustainable – as in staying in the UK is a good way of tackling climate change. The main use of our report will be to lobby the new Government on what policies it needs to adopt to support the UK tourism industry over the period of the next Parliament.”


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