Bacta completes party programme with the Tories in Manchester

Bacta completed its round of party political conferences last week in the company of the Boris Johnson led Conservative Party which succeeded in taking over Manchester Central, hosting 100 stands, staging more than 500 events and attracting in excess of 11,000 people.


Reviewing the association’s political programme, which also saw Bacta stage lobbying activities with the Liberal Democrats at Bournemouth followed by its highly successful ‘Fish Chips and Beer on the Pier’ event with Labour activists and parliamentarians in Brighton, CEO, John White said: “An important part of being a member of the trade association is the level of political engagement that comes with effective representation. It’s very important to have a dialogue with and be on the radar of parliamentarians, special advisers, councillors, pressure groups and indeed the rank and file party activists all of whom in their own way can influence policy.

“Our industry suffers more than most from a toxic mix of mis and disinformation which makes it even more important that we are present to take thought leadership positions, put the record straight on the key issues, demonstrate the positive characteristics that underpin the business and explain the many initiatives we are undertaking in order to promote social responsibility. Maintaining dialogue is the key feature of political engagement and the party conferences deliver that opportunity to explain the issues and highlight the challenges that face bacta members. I’m certain that many of the conversations that we are having now will result in positive outcomes further down the line.”

Lord Bassam of Brighton underlined the importance of dialogue and partnership. Addressing guests attending Bacta’s Labour Party Conference event on Brighton Palace Pier, Lord Bassam who worked alongside Bacta in his capacity as chair of the House of Lords Select Committee on regenerating seaside towns and communities, said: “I would like to thank Bacta for the support it provided the Select Committee. Bacta is a very clever, very persuasive and tireless organisation. I hope it carries on with its campaigning work and keeps pushing for the industry helping to ensure the seaside continues to prosper.”


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