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Following on from Rob Hill’s dictionary of disco, Bacta’s Communications and Events Co-Ordinator, Parveen Sharma, brings some 90s R&B glamour and poptastic playlists to the mix. As a fan of the feature, Parveen stated she felt “honoured” to share her musical journey which continues to this day as she believes love and music are the two things which make the world go round!


Parveen is no stranger to the industry since she joined Bacta, the trade association for the UK amusement and gaming machine industry, in 2012. Her role has primarily focused on the association’s comms and events and more recently she has been working on the Bacta Charitable Trust, as well as assisting with Bacta’s digital and social media presence.The Bacta Charitable Trust has raised a total of £3.25m for good causes over the years via fundraising and charitable events.


First song you remember hearing?


Being from an Indian background we had a lot of Bollywood movies and music in the family home, but we also used to gather in the living room to watch Top of the Pops every week when we would sing and dance to the Jackson 5, Wham, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Prince to name just a few.


Song from your teenage years?


I loved a lot of R&B and Old School Jungle in my teenage years but there are too many different songs, and different memories to pick just one.


First single ever bought?


I can’t really remember. It was maybe Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Bros’ When Will I Be famous.


First album ever bought?


Ha! It was Hanging Tough by New Kids On The Block. I absolutely loved them as a teenager! Who didn’t? But I never did get to see them in concert.


Song you sing to in the shower?


I love singing in the shower! This morning’s songs were Girls Like You by Maroon 5 and One Kiss by Dua Lipa at the top of my voice. I’m sure the neighbours are probably sick of hearing me sing every morning, luckily I haven’t had any complaints yet!


Song that makes you want to dance?


Candy by Cameo. Those who know me will know I just can’t help myself doing the dance when this comes on. My daughter and I were in a shop and this came on so I started moving my feet – two to the left, two to the right – and before I knew people had- joined in. The shop was very happy as people came in just to do the dance! It’s my best flash mob story.


Song which you can no longer stand?


R Kelly songs. I think that says it all.


Song that is a guilty pleasure?


Tonight by John Legend ft Ludacris, it reminds me of one of my favourite films,Think Like A Man. Also Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran, Disney songs like Hakuna Matata or A Whole New World and dare I say, F*** You by Lily Allen.


Song you want played at your funeral?


I want my beautiful daughter to sing a song. She sung All Of Me by John Legend for her A Level music exam and her voice combined with that song gave me goosebumps! After my funeral there’ll be a massive party with loads of food, drinks and my playlist of songs playing in the background. Everyone has to do the Cameo dance – that’s a must!


Last song you heard before now?


You’re So Beautiful by the cast of Empire. I’m a massive fan of this brilliant US TV series and I bought the show’s soundtrack on iTunes which is pretty much all fantastic!


First song you paid for on a jukebox?


I think it might have been Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna, or maybe Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas.

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